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As discussed in “Meaning of rings on fingers“, adorning the fingers with rings in general can illustrate a subconscious feeling that a person either feels restriction or feels a need for support in the traits related to that finger. To understand the meaning of wearing a ring on the middle finger, let’s look at the traits that are associated with this finger:

Middle Finger Traits and corresponding Middle finger Ring Meaning
The middle finger represents the following:

  • Duty & Responsibility: People who wear rings on the middle finger may feel constrained by their duties and responsibilities. This may be responsibility to work, family, religion, school or even to “do what society tells me I ought to do” (e.g. act in a certain appropriate, politically correct way, study hard at school, do your chores, commit to things and follow through, be mature about things, be sensible, be tidy and organized, be “green” and care for the environment, get married by a certain age, have kids, be loyal, get a certain kind of job etc).
  • Feelings towards “respected ones” in society, society’s rules and ideas of what the responsible, sensible thing we “should” do is: By “respected ones” in society, we’re talking about people parents, grandparents, teachers, elders, religious leaders and bosses. Wearing a ring on the middle finger may mean feeling restricted by a “respected one” who tried to enforce their will onto you, ramming their opinion down your throat. Wearing a ring here could either be a sign of feeling restricted by respected people, or could be a sign that you need support and strengthening to stand up for what *you* believe, even if respected society disagrees with what you want to do. In some cases there can be something of a rebelliousness related to people who wear a middle finger ring. An example of this is YouTuber Alfie Deyes who has long worn a middle-finger ring and who has gone against what society told him to do by sticking to his guns and not going to university after finishing school, and choosing an unconventional way of making a living by making silly, fun youtube videos instead of a conventionally “secure” and “safe” job. A common thing such people may say is stuff like “Go after your dreams, no matter what anyone else says!” Artists, musicians, actors, youtubers, enterpreneurs and people who have gone along riskier or less conventional paths, may often be seen to wear middle finger rings. Examples include Kristen Stewart), Drew Barrymore, Angelina Jolie, Christina Aguilera, Scarlett Johansson and youtubers: Mimi Ikonn, Carrie Hope Fletcher and Jenna Marbles.
    In this context of sticking to your own opinions and standing strong in the face of what others say, perhaps it is not surprising that the middle finger is used as an insulting body language signal expressing a dislike of something others have said or done.
    Because of the link of the middle finger to respected ones in society like our parents, palmist Robin Lown suggests that some people who wear a ring on the middle finger are sometimes found to have unresolved “mother issues” or “father issues”.
  • Feeling towards people around you: Some hand readers would suggest that a ring on the middle finger may be linked with a fear of being alone. It’s as if the ring strengthens the feeling that you have people around you.
  • Seriousness: The middle finger is “the finger of seriousness”. Perhaps someone who wears a ring here wants to strengthen the impression that they are serious people and want to be taken seriously.
  • Other possible meanings: The middle finger also relates to knowledge (education, academia, learning), organizational skills & attitude towards the environment and ecology. A ring on the middle finger could signify a feeling of constriction or a desire to strengthen any of these traits.

Wearing a middle finger ring on the left vs right hand:
The left hand relates to a person’s personal, private life (eg. at home, with family) and the right hand relates to the public life (eg. at work, in society etc).

So wearing a ring on the middle finger on the left hand indicates that it is within the person’s private life that their feelings of restriction or desired support are being felt, whereas if the middle finger ring is on the right hand, the issues are likely to be taking place in their public life.

Examples of situations where people may wear a ring on the middle finger

  • The person who refuses to get a 9-5 job like society demands and takes the more enterpreneurial, unconventional route of earning a living.
  • The anarchist whose main ethos is to rebel against authority.
  • The rebel who refuses to follow their parents demands of them to join the family business or do a certain job. Alternatively a ring on the middle finger may signify contempt for being forced to do something they don’t want to do (=ring’s constraining nature), although they may still be at the stage where they’re still allowing themselves to be constrained.
  • The YouTube vlogger who reaches out to people of the internet to share his life with them because deep down, there may be a fear of loneliness, and the more people he shares his life with, the less likely he is to be lonely.
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