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As described in “Meaning of rings on fingers“, wearing rings in general can portray a subconscious feeling that a person either feels constraint or feels a need for a boost with regards to the traits that relate to the finger onto which the ring is on. To understand the meaning of wearing a ring on the ring finger, let’s look at the traits that are associated with this finger:

Ring Finger Traits and corresponding Ring finger Ring Meaning
Before getting into the traits of the ring finger, it’s worth noting that many palmists who would place significance on rings on all the other fingers, wouldn’t consider the presence of a ring on the ring finger to be of any strong significance. This is mostly because the meaning of wearing a ring on this finger has been affected by years of tradition of placing the engagement and marriage ring here, regardless of whether it “feels right” to wear a ring on this finger or not. With the lack of tuning in to what feels right intuitively, the subconscious meaning of ring wearing on this finger is effectively nullified. It’s just what’s done, so people do it. Having said that, there are times, especially in unmarried folk, when a ring on the ring finger may “feel right” here and in these cases it may relate to the ring finger traits. Here are the traits that are linked to the ring finger in palmistry:

  • Emotions: The ring finger is the “emotional finger” which may be why it is chosen as the finger on which a marriage ring is placed. If we think of rings as a restriction or constraint, a ring on the ring finger may indicate holding yourself back from pursuing other romantic partners once you have one strong emotional romantic bond. As palmist Johnny Fincham puts it “the ring places restrictions on the heart’s yearnings”. If you look at the ring as a “strengthener” rather than a “restricter”, a ring on this finger may sometimes convey that the individual feels they need support and strength where it comes to their emotions. A ring can be either a “restrictor” or a “booster” or “support”. If we look at it as abooster on this finger, it may be found in single people who really, REALLY want to be in a relationship; by wearing a ring on this finger, it is almost like they are boosting their romantic emotions, or need extra support for all their emotions, in the hope it will help them find a partner.
  • Individuality: It’s possible that if a person’s sense of individuality is felt to be restricted, they may express this subconsciously by wearing a ring on the ring finger. On the other hand, it could indicate a desire to boost their sense of uniqueness and individuality if they are feeling a bit run-of-the-mill.
  • Creativity / Artistry: There is a very strong link for the ring finger with creativity and artistry, and a ring on this finger could relate to constrictions or a need for strengthening in these fields.
  • Performing: The base of the ring finger is the “performer / entertainer zone”, so a ring on this finger may relate to constraints or a need for support in performing / entertaining.
  • Risk-taking / sense of adventure: Someone who wants to be more adventurous and strengthen that part of them may subconsciously put a ring on this finger. On the other hand, if their natural risk-taking, adventurous nature is muted for some reason, say if someone is holding them back, they may express this feeling of restriction by placing a ring on this finger.

Sterling Silver Three-Stone Cubic Zirconia RingWearing a ring finger ring on the left vs right hand:
The left hand relates to a person’s personal, private life (eg. at home, with a spouse or with family) and the right hand relates to the public life (eg. at work, in society etc).

So wearing a ring on the ring finger on the left hand indicates that it is within the person’s private life that their feelings of restriction or desired support are being felt, whereas if the ring finger ring is on the right hand, the issues are likely to be taking place in their public life.

Examples of situations where people may wear a ring on the ring finger

  • The guy who deep down wants to sleep with several women but who is restricting himself to one loving relationship.
  • The girl who really, really, REALLY wants to be in a relationship but is still single.
  • The artist who is experiencing an artistic block (=restriction) and/or wants to support and strengthen his creativity.
  • The girl who is told to conform but who has a strong sense of individuality within her that’s bursting to get out.
  • The singer who longs to sing in front of people but is too shy to actually do it (=constraint).
  • The man who is in a “sensible job” but longs to be an actor. He feels constraint because he doesn’t allow himself to do drama classes and be on stage where he would like to be.
  • The girl who goes on a reality tv show as a contestant because she’s crying out to perform, show off her individuality and take the adventurous risk of being on tv.
  • The gambler who likes to take risks but is being held back from indulging in gambling due to his loved ones begging him not to do it. (=constraint).
  • The guy who really wants to go on an epic adventure but holds himself back from doing it because he has responsibilities and stuff holding him back (=constraint).
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