Meaning of rings on fingers

I recently took a short course on palmistry and one of the things I found particularly interesting on the course was that according to some hand analysists, the finger you choose to wear your ring on can reveal something about the personality, behavioural tendencies or emotional state of the ring wearer.

Skeptics may argue that it doesn’t matter which finger you put a ring on – all the fingers are the same. But it’s interesting that sometimes a ring just doesn’t “feel right” on a certain finger but it does feel comfortable and “right” on another. This feeling of “rightness” of a worn ring is what hand reading works with.

In hand reading each finger has specific qualities associated with it, so in general, if you wear a ring on a finger, the ring can have one of two effects on a finger:

  • a.) Strengthening / Supporting: A ring can indicate a subconcious desire to support & strengthen the qualities associated with that finger.
  • b.) Restricting: A ring on a finger may reveal a feeling of being restricted in the qualities associated with that finger.

. . .

Before talking about what each finger ring represents, let’s look at what “no rings” indicates:

What if someone doesn’t wear rings?

Newborn Baby close-up holding mother's hand black and white photography poster Some people cannot stand the feeling of rings on their fingers at all or just have no desire to wear them.

For the more mild version of non-ring wearers, who just don’t particularly feel like wearing rings but don’t have a strong aversion to them, according to some hand readers, not wearing rings can indicate that there is no need for extra support / strengthening of any of the finger-traits. It can also mean that the person does not feel restricted in any of the finger-related traits.

If the feeling is more of a “I can’t STAND wearing rings!” it may indicate something a little different. It may suggest that this person really, really values their freedom, more than the average person. They want to feel free and unrestricted, not tied down to anything. In other words they may really appreciate and feel a need for the feeling of freedom in their life.

Does size of ring matter?

Yes. According to hand reading, the bigger the ring worn, the stronger it’s related meaning.

What does a ring on a specific finger mean?


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