The Secret of a Happy and Successful Life: A Spiritual Perspective

We are eternal souls living life in our physical bodies. Many people who are not happy with parts of their lives, do not know the secret of how to bring themselves to a life they desire: the ideal relationships, home life or work life, material abundance, physical well-being, ideal global well-being, etc. Most of us observe our lives as they are panning out in our reality and allow our observations to determine how we are feeling. When we allow external events, people or situations to imbue our lives with meaning, we are inevitably setting ourselves up for feeling out of control. This is what is called living conditionally: i.e. allowing external events to make your life for you. What do I mean by this?

If all is hunky dory and your life is flowing along well, you will feel good and not necessarily notice that something is missing in your life. But if, on the other hand you are not experiencing such good things in your life and you don’t have what you want and you’re feeling disenchanted and allowing these things to colour your life’s quality, then you may be feeling out of control. You may feel as if life is just happening to you and that you don’t have a clue as to what you can do to change things so that they can feel consistently better.

You may have tried to take action and hope for the best, and sometimes it worked but sometimes it didn’t. At times when the action you took worked, it may not have lasted very long in changing circumstances and how you feel. When you take action from a place of spiritual misalignment with your Inner Being, the action inevitably will not be very effective. There needs to be an alignment within yourself with the action you seek to take in order for it to work out as you wish. So here you are, wondering why life feels so difficult sometimes……

The reason life feels difficult at times, is that many people are not familiar that they are only partially aware of how the Universe or life works. Not many of us have been taught about our spiritual side which ironically is the most significant part of who we are. It therefore makes complete sense that when you leave out the larger part of who- you- really- are you’re not going to feel whole.

So here’s how it works: We are eternal souls living in a physical body and this soul part is the spiritual part of us that functions vibrationally. In fact the whole Universe functions vibrationally meaning that everything has a vibrational frequency. Everything we see, hear, touch, smell and taste are all vibrational translations of our senses’ perceptions. These frequencies determine how our life feels at any given moment and the range is very wide. The good news is that there are ways we can get to control our frequencies and create our own lives. We have the power to give ourselves anything we desire.

So how do we do this? Step 1 is to become aware. Once you know that you are vibrationally oriented, here are more of the secrets to give yourself a happy life. The Law of Attraction is the most powerful and consistently inclusive Law of the Universe that manages everything that happens. It is inclusive because it works vibrationally and not morally. It doesn’t give you brownie points if you are good or bad points if you err. There is no judgment involved. All that determines the quality of your life are your thoughts and how you feel about them now. Your thoughts carry vibrational frequencies and you always have the power to change them if you are willing to do so. The Teachings of Abraham*(*as channelled by Esther Hicks) tell us that our emotions are our reliable Guidance System and by this they mean that the way we feel is an accurate, second-by-second gauge that indicates to us whether we’re on track or have gone off-piste.

In addition, because the Law of Attraction manages everything that comes to you for better or for worse, this happens because people inadvertently focus on the lack of what they want instead of what they want. So what is meant by this? You might wonder why some people win the lottery and why others don’t……the secret to this is their focus and alignment with their desire. If you feel poor, miserable, frustrated, sick, angry, resentful, jealous, tired, etc. any form of negative feeling, your vibrational frequency does not match that of a winner of a lottery. You are focused on the lack side of the story, the losing side, not the winning side. Your frequency is on negative radio channel MW 103 and the winner’s radio channel is on the AM 94 channel, two completely different frequencies. If you try to justify your wretchedness by saying that a lottery win could solve all your problems and that you are more deserving than anyone else for reasons you find, you continue to be focused on the lack or absence of what you want. The lottery win can never match your vibrations if you are in this negative-feeling mode.

So how can you change your vibrations to match up with those that make you a winner and allow you to feel good? Your focus needs to be on things that make you feel good, that make you feel like a winner even before the actual lottery win comes to you. It is a process of being conscious and guiding your thoughts step-by-step over time until you consistently feel good: You feel appreciation, you look for things deliberately that make you feel good. You give your attention to things, people and events that are positive and inspiring. You seek out uplifting things. You focus on opportunities and don’t bring problems into your radar. Even if negative things happen to you, and inevitably they do, how you handle them, is what is important: You can look at a setback as a problem, or it can be an opportunity for learning something new.

Focus on a problem is a very different vibration to focus on a solution. Wanting the lottery win and not having the lottery money are two completely different vibrational frequencies. The trick is to feel okay despite not having what you want manifested in reality. You can be in a situation, say have a physical condition you don’t want and be in a state of despair or fear, or you can be sick and be in a place of hope and optimism. You have the ability to direct your thoughts in any way you choose. And how you feel at any moment in time shows you if you’re positively focused to feel good or negatively focused to feel bad. If you feel good, continue thinking in this way to feel better and better. The better it gets, the better it’ll be.

If, on the other hand you’re not feeling so hot, it means you Guidance System is working perfectly in indicating to you that you can feel better by changing your thoughts to more positive-feeling ones.

Once you are vibrationally aligned in the region of what you want, it then can come to you with ease. It is easy because you don’t have to know how or when it’ll come. This is the job of the Law of Attraction. Your part is to get up to speed and align with your thoughts and how you feel about what you’re asking for, and the Law of Attraction brings it to you. Ask and it’ll be given when you relax and allow it to come to you.

You can’t control conditions. You can’t control world events, the weather, other people, things that go on in your environment or even in your family home. Your point of power is aligning your thoughts and consequently how you feel about what you’re thinking to good-feeling ones on as consistent a basis as is possible. Get the positive-feeling-momentum going and no matter what happens in your world, you’ll always experience it in a positive way. If you are problem oriented, you’ll attract problems to you. If you’re solution oriented, you’ll find the answers flowing your way. It’s all vibrational and Law of Attraction always, consistently delivers to us the experiences where we have the most momentum flowing, be they positive or negative. What determines what comes to us, is the strength of the vibration, the power of the force of our feelings.

When we are aligned with our spiritual self, our Soul or our Inner Being we feel happy, we feel joyous, we love and we appreciate. We have the knowledge of life at our fingertips, we have clarity of mind and we are filled with energy and a zest for life. This, Abraham calls “being in the Vortex”. When you reach this vibrational alignment, your responses to life feel very different to when you are far removed from who-you-truly-are. Even when so-called problems come into your reality, you won’t experience them as such. Your vibrational setpoint will be on a level of alignment with you Inner Being and from here, you can handle anything. Life is meant to be good. We are here for the purpose of experiencing a good, happy life in freedom and joy. The aim of our life is to grow as an eternal soul and this is something that continues forever.

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