You Create Your Own Life

Life is a state of mind. It is what we do with our thoughts and how we feel when thinking about them. Life is what you do to make it happen as it does. Life is what we make of it with our thoughts and the way we consequently feel. Our life is what we think about and what we choose to focus on. We always have control of our life by changing our thoughts so that they feel good.

The Law of Attraction governs everything: Like unto itself is drawn. You get whatever you most focus on, for better or for worse. If you focus your thoughts on positive things, your life will be filled with positive things. If you focus on negative things, Law of Attraction will give you negative experiences. Law of Attraction does not differentiate between real or imagined things. Your personal energetic vibrations determine the quality of your life. So if you are imagining the ideal experience and consistently feel really good about it until you just feel and know and expect that what you’re imagining is inevitable despite having no proof of it in reality, Law of Attraction will deliver what you’re dreaming about.

On the other hand, if you really want something and keep noticing that you don’t have it, or that you deserve it more than others; are envious perhaps of those who have what you want; you are unwittingly keeping what you want away from reaching you. The vibration of these negative thoughts and feelings are very different to the vibrations of feeling positive about expecting what you want to materialise. If you focus on all the negative things happening in your life, you’ll feel miserable. Focusing on all you don’t want only brings you more of what you don’t want.

If you want to feel good, you have the choice to distract yourself from all the negative things in your life, and make a concerted and deliberate effort to focus on positive things. Giving your attention to positive things will then allow you to attract positive feelings and positive life experiences. You can have or create the life of your dreams. It’s all about being aware of how you are feeling about what you’re thinking now.

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