Choosing a Career

We have been taught, often by our parents, teachers at school and also sometimes absorbed from those around us, that we should focus on one career and make this our life’s choice. This has, for as long as I can remember been the way society brought us up believing.

We are all individuals with many different desires and a one size fits all policy as to how to live our lives just cannot work to make everyone happy. I am a strong believer in following your heart, your intuition or your gut feelings rather than following what others determine is the right path for you.

No-one knows how you feel or what you are thinking and people can only ever give you their opinion from their own point of view. This means that they can only tell you things from what they perceive you to be like from their own perspective of how they see you. This may not necessarily be how you see yourself, so taking advice from other people may not really be the way to go if you want to be happy. Even if you think people are telling you things for your own good, no-one can judge what feels good to you, other than you yourself.

So when you decide that following one career path is not for you, and that you’d like to try and do many different things, I’d say follow your heart! We were born to experience life in all its richness of contrast and diversity and to do as much or as little as we want to feel good. We were not born into this life because we wanted to limit ourselves and prevent us from flourishing. Some people may be accused of being a Jack of all trades and master of none, but some people are dippers and enjoy just dipping in and dipping out of things. Some people don’t like necessarily going into depth on any subject. They enjoy small tastes. It’s like going to a buffet and taking a taste of many foods on offer rather than focusing on one food and eating a plateful of this. Personal preferences are just this: personal choices not to be judged.

Even if you decide you want to simply focus on one subject and become the best that you can become in it because this is your highest joy, then of course no-one can tell you otherwise. Focusing on one subject because it makes you feel happy and fulfilled is a personal choice not to be judged. The yardstick for anything is how it makes you personally feel from within.

We can never do things to please others because we don’t have access to their true feelings and thoughts and anyway, these thoughts and feelings are not constant and are quite often forever changing anyway. This is because people feel differently according to their moods and depending on which mood you catch them in, so will be their perspective on you.

Trying to always control how others feel is an impossible project. There will never be enough action you can take to please anyone all the time. And what happens many a time when you try to please others, you end up feeling unhappy and unfulfilled yourself. All you can ever be is responsible for your own thoughts which you have the power to change at all times.

We were born with emotions that are always our most accurate natural guidance system as to which direction our thoughts are going in determining our happiness in any moment of time. It’s pretty simple: If you’re feeling bad, you’re going against your stream of well-being, so take stock of what you’re thinking and deliberately change your thoughts to better-feeling ones. If you’re feeling good, you’re going in the right direction of bringing happy and good experiences into your life.

A bad feeling always is an opportunity to stop and take stock of what’s going on with you. And then of course taking the next step to replace the bad feeling thoughts with others that feel better and give you some comfort or relief would be your way of controlling and directing your own life. Any thought that feels better on any subject than when you are feeling bad is the direction to go in. Sometimes distracting yourself from the subject you’re focused on that feels bad, is the best course of action. Anything that soothes you and engenders feelings of relief is the way to go.

We are unlimited, abundant beings and have the power to do as much or as little as we choose. When we choose the thing or things we love, and just go for them wholeheartedly, the Universe lines up in wonderful ways to help us achieve our passions and desires. This is how Law of Attraction works. Like things will attract like things. All we need is to know what we want and allow it to happen.

It is not because you choose to do many different things rather than dedicating yourself to one career path that is not a good thing. The problem you cause yourself is in your own modes of thinking: you feel divided about what society says you should do on the one hand, and on the other, what you want to do. You cause a tug-of-war between how you feel and how you want others to feel about you. Your energy splits and you don’t feel happy. You want to do something you feel strongly about and yet you don’t allow yourself the freedom to do it. You know you’ll feel happy doing this thing and yet you won’t allow yourself to do it. You are living a contradiction. Such a choice can never feel good for you because your emotions will always let you know how it feels – and not doing something you really want against your own better judgement can only ever feel bad.

There seems to be a fear that should you go ahead and do what you desire, something bad will come of it. But the fear within you really is what will happen to you if you don’t allow yourself to do what you want. There really is no logical reason ever to not allow yourself to feel good. We evolve and grow as souls in physical bodies no matter what we do in life. Nothing is wrong. It’s all part of the process of our evolution as eternal souls. Feeling good always is the measure by which to guide yourself, for we are here to love our lives and be happy.

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