Living Happily in Old Age

Contrary to what most people believe about getting older, old age is not of necessity a natural process of breakdown or deterioration. Even though our bodies get older with time, our body cells continue to constantly rejuvenate themselves as we get older. Nothing stays the same and with age our bodies continue to change and also grow. Diminishment does not have to be a part of aging. There is a huge difference between aging and declining. They are not synonymous despite our society conditioning us to believe that they are.

So why do most people tend to decline with age? People give many popular reasons for this, like lifestyle choices, nutrition, a hard life, etc. And while these factors may contribute somewhat to a person’s deterioration, the main reason is that we have been thinking and feeling negatively during much of our life without taking the time to deliberately change how we feel. We have not been aware of the power of how our thoughts and feelings determine our quality of life.

We have the most astounding ability at our fingertips to give ourselves a happy and healthy life simply by becoming aware of how we think and how we are feeling about what we are thinking. You cannot be happy and sad at the same time. You cannot be happy and lonely at the same time. You can’t be happy and feel sorry for yourself at the same time. You can’t be happy and sick at the same time…..and if you are sick and happy, you won’t be sick for long. A happy, positive, person is a healthy person. Good health is a state of mind to a very large degree.

We can’t control what our society thinks, but we, as individuals, can change our own personal thoughts. We can think differently to what most people think if it serves us best and we can decide to expect different things that benefit us too.

As we move through time, we cannot stay young and our bodies undergo changes. We can remain in our prime however without having to decline despite our moving through time. We can do this effectively by paying attention to our thought processes and how we feel at any given moment. How you feel in the present moment always determines how your life feels now. Whether you are thinking of something from the past, the present or the future, how you are feeling about it now is what is relevant.

Many people live contrary to their own well-being because of their unawareness of their habits of negative thought patterns. When people feel negative emotion over a long period of time, they are unwittingly contributing to their general decline step by step. They may have been focusing on things they don’t like or don’t want and these types of things can’t ever contribute to happiness or good health or well-being. You can’t give your attention to something that feels bad and expect to feel good. The Law of Attraction is one of the most powerfully consistent and inclusive Laws of the Universe, which always matches us up with things that are the same: Like is matched up with Like. Because it is an inclusive Law, this means that you will attract to yourself whatever you are most focusing on whether it is something you want or something you want and don’t yet have or even something you don’t want, because Like unto itself is drawn. This Law of the Universe does not distinguish between good and bad. It just delivers everything we give our attention to the most and feel most strongly about.

We all have the power to change our thoughts and change our lives to be happy and healthy. Most people want well-being; to feel free, to be strong and full of energy and enthusiasm for life, to be happy and healthy. When people observe what is present in their bodies, their life, their family, their environment, their world and see things they don’t want that they feel bad about, they are, without knowing it, adding to their own decline. When you observe what is and you don’t like what you witness, see, hear, speak about or feel, the Law of Attraction can only bring you more of the same experiences unless you begin focusing on things you want that make you feel better. We are all responsible for how our lives pan out. We cannot blame anyone else because no-one can think our thoughts or feel our feelings for us and create our reality for us.

Our happiness and good health is actually an emotional journey: when you feel good, you are on track for a life of well-being. Every moment that you focus on things that you like, that make you feel positive, that make you feel happy; thinking of things, places or people that you appreciate and love; giving your attention to such things contribute and assure for you a happy, healthy life.

If you are physically not well the more you talk of various aspects of the ill-health, the longer you will remain ill. This is how the Law of Attraction works: Like will attract like.  Deliberately make the effort to distract your thoughts from the reality of the physical conditions you don’t want. Stop talking about doctors and medication, statistics and tests. Stop talking about and noticing things around you that you don’t like or don’t want. Instead give your attention to what you want that makes you feel better and better. You can be sick with a negative attitude or you can be sick with a positive attitude. If you can get yourself to focus on incrementally feeling better and better until you reach a place of hope, you will find your quality of life greatly improved.

Many people fear death because they do not have the knowledge or trust that they are eternal beings. Becoming ill and declining slowly is a way that people postpone the process of ending their lives in their physical body. They get themselves into a state of perpetual negative thinking and feeling, with little let-up, and this state hastens their deterioration even more. Any fear-filled or negative thought contributes to decline: bearing grudges, feeling injustices, worrying, remembering unpleasant experiences, feeling envious, hating, being embarrassed, feeling guilty, etc. All play a part in our decline to one degree or another.

The way to move gracefully and positively through time is concentrating on the things you love, enjoy and feel good about. Appreciate things. Look for reasons to feel good. Always do your best to focus on what you want that you feel good about. Notice how you’re feeling and if you don’t feel good, change what you’re thinking about because that will be the source of why you’re not happy now. Make this your mantra from the Teachings of Abraham for a happy and healthy life of well-being:

I INTEND to feel good,

I WANT to feel good,

I EXPECT to feel good,

No matter where I am,

What  I’m doing,

Who I’m with

Or what I’m saying…….

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