How to Keep Feeling Good

All that many of us want is to just feel good and be happy. Here are some ideas that have helped me and continue to help me.

1) Be aware of your thoughts and how you feel now. We always have the power to focus our thoughts and change them if necessary. In addition, our emotions are our very reliable guidance system that clearly indicates to us how we feel.

2) If you don’t feel good, change what you’re thinking about. Focus only on what you want and check that you feel good.

3) If you’re not feeling good, you’re probably focused on NOT HAVING what you want, so refocus on something that feels better.

4) How you feel NOW is what is most important. Whether you are focused on the past or the future, you’re thinking about it now, so let it feel good.

5) How we feel now, in the present moment determines whether we are happy or not, and will or won’t pre-pave our future as we desire it to be. So ensure you feel good as often as possible. A person who feels good and is happy, is inevitably a healthy person. They also get what they want in life.

6) The way the Law of Attraction works, is that things of a similar nature are drawn to each other. Like will attract like. Whether you’re focused on something positive or something negative, you will attract whatever you are giving your attention to. The Law of Attraction is an inclusive Law and this means you get what you most focus on, be it positive or negative.

7) Many people think they are positively focused when actually they are negatively focused. Everything has two sides: 1) things you want and 2) things you don’t yet have but want. The Law of Attraction is 100% consistent and will always deliver what you are most focused on and feeling the most strongly about.

8) If you think about not feeling happy and wish you were happy, you’re drawing more unhappiness to yourself because you’re focused on what you don’t yet have. Thinking like this does not feel good and when you don’t feel good, the message your emotions is giving you is that you’re not on the right track to happiness yet.

If, however you feel happy about what you’re thinking and want more things to feel happier, you are then attracting more happiness to you. The positive feeling feedback from your emotions indicates that you’re on the right track to continue feeling happy.

9) Look for the best qualities, the good and the beauty in all people, places and things.

10) Make feeling good your priority in life. Make your mantra a positive one: to strive to feel happy no matter where you are, what you’re doing or who you’re talking with. When you feel good, you’ll attract positive experiences into your life.

11) Focus on the best aspects and qualities of yourself. Expand on them and appreciate them and yourself.

12) Surround yourself with people you love and who are positive and happy.

13) Go to places you enjoy that make you feel happy.

14) Speak of things that make you feel good. If they don’t, change the subject or remove yourself from the situation. Make a point of not discussing problems and issues that don’t feel good.

15) Be discerning about what you listen to and watch on the radio, on TV and generally in life. You can’t feel good if you listen to bad news, sad music or angry rants. Choose uplifting and inspiring things to tune in to that make you feel good.

16) Go out of your way to appreciate things just for the sake of feeling good when you think about them. This helps raise your vibration. Appreciation and love are very close in vibration and will engender good feeling, happiness and joy.

17) Life is meant to feel happy and because you are the creator of your own reality, you have the power to give yourself the happy life you desire. Appreciate who you are just because you exist. There is no-one in the world exactly like you. You are totally unique.

18) You were born to experience a happy and joyous life, to feel free and to experience a life of great variety and contrast that would help you grow and expand. These are the purposes of your life. You can be, do, or have anything you wish.

19) Follow your own gut feelings/intuition or instincts. Trust yourself. Other people can’t feel what you feel or think as you do. They can’t know what’s good for you. Don’t ask them because they can only give you feedback from their own perspective. Their viewpoint may have no bearing on how you really feel and can only be appropriate as they perceive you and not necessarily as you really are.

20) Always reach for the next-best-feeling thing you can manage. If you’re depressed, it’s a quantum leap to expect yourself to be happy in a flash, so work your way up, bit by bit to things that feel better.

21) Be kind and loving to yourself. Be easy on yourself. Talk positively to yourself.

22) If you have a physical condition that you don’t want, look for the moments when you do feel better, however slight they may be. You can be sick and have a positive attitude or you can be sick and have a negative attitude. Notice how you’re focused and do the best you can to be as positive as you can. Being sick and hopeful is better than being sick and being in despair or in fear or feeling sorry for yourself.

23) All negative emotions can be seen as messengers that tell you you’ve gone off track and can now refocus your thoughts to those that feel better. Our emotions always are reliable indicators as to where we’re focused. The good thing also is that we have the ability to choose to change our thoughts at any time.

24) You have all you need within you and are powerful creators of your own reality. You can give yourself the life you want at any time and the Law of Attraction will always be there to assist you. Just check you’re focused on what you want that feels good as you think it.

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