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In the article “Meaning of rings on fingers“, we discussed that wearing rings in general can convey either a subconscious feeling that a person feels constraint or restriction in the traits that are related to that finger, or it may show that they feel they need strengthening, support or a boost with regards to the traits of that finger. To understand the meaning of wearing a ring on the little pinky finger, let’s look at the traits that are associated with this finger:

Pinky Finger Traits and corresponding Little Finger Ring Meaning

One or more of the following points may apply to someone who wears a ring on their little finger:

  • Business & Money Making: little finger in hand analysis symbolizes business, finance, love of money and earning wealth and material things Poster You may have noticed that often the stereotypical businessman who has a strong liking for making lots of money, often wears a pinky ring. According to palmistry, this stereotype is no mistake. As we’ve mentioned, rings can be a sign of the person wanting to strengthen and support the traits associated with that finger and in this case, the pinkie-linked trait that the ring may be expressing may be a desire to strengthen Business and/ or Money Making ability. The pinkie is the finger that is most strongly related to wealth or materialism, so men who wear a ring on this finger may find that wealth and material things are of importance to them. For this reason, pinky rings are often found on wealthy, famous people like Prince Charles, P. Diddy, David Hasselhoff, Elvis Presley, Brad Pitt, Chris Pine, Justin Beiber, Katy Perry and youtuber Alfie Deyes (I’ve linked their names to photos I found online of each person wearing a pinky ring). Sometimes it can indicate that business and money making is more important to them than almost anything else, which can mean that they can neglect loved ones in favor of money-making activities. Money-making doesn’t have to just relate to business however, and it is sometimes found that women who are gold-diggers, on the look-out to marry for money, may wear a ring on one or both of their pinky fingers.
  • Sex: The little finger has strong links to sexuality and romantic relationships, and we’ve said that wearing a ring can indicate feelings of constraint, restriction or feelings that the qualities of that finger need extra support. Putting these two together: Wearing a ring on the little finger, especially if on the left hand, may indicate temporary sexual or romantic problems. It may be something as inocuous as working so hard to make money that you neglect your romantic partner. pinky ring significance regarding romance and love relationships - dating, husband and wife Poster Sometimes the feeling of constraint on a romantic life (e.g. perhaps there is no romantic partner at present) may express itself with a pinky ring, together with an overcompensation for the lack of romance by throwing yourself into money-making activities instead. In some rarer cases, the constraint of the ring on the little finger may indicate physical issues relating to the reproductive system. One case study Frank Clifford gives in his book showed that a woman felt it was comfortable to wear a pinky ring on her finger at a time when she was having gynaecological problems, and once the problem resolved she no longer felt the impulse to wear her pinky ring anymore, saying it didn’t “feel right” on her hand anymore.
  • Communication: little pinkie finger is all about communicating like this bulldog talking through a microphone poster The little finger is the finger of communication and rings tend to indicate a sense of restriction or constraint. How can a constraint in communication manifest? One possibility is that people who wear a ring on the pinky finger may “restrict” what they say so they may find themselves not being 100% open about things and holding back. An interesting example of this is in a youtube video by successful British youtuber Charlie McDonnell, where he is seen wearing a pinkie ring, and in the very same video he’s also talking about his internal worry about whether he should publically talk about the balanced and honest view of his life including the bad things, or whether he should just show the happier side of his life in his videos (here’s the link to that video in case you’re curious). At other times it can be a case of holding back the full truth about something. Pinkie rings are sometimes found in celebrities, politicians and people who are media-savvy, who are very careful about what they allow themselves to say and disclose to the public.
  • Writing skills: Related to communication, the pinky is also linked to writing skills. A person feeling a constraint on their writing ability may express this with a pinky ring.

Wearing a Pinky Finger ring on the left vs right hand:
The left hand relates to a person’s personal, private life (eg. at home, with a spouse or with family) and the right hand relates to the public life (eg. at work, in society etc).

So wearing a ring on the little finger on the left hand indicates that it is within the person’s private life that their feelings of restriction or desired support are being felt, whereas if the little finger ring is on the right hand, the issues are likely to be taking place in their public life.

Interesting Case Study
I’ve been a viewer of youtuber Alfie Deyes for a couple of years, and I noticed that the point in time when he started wearing a pinky ring roughly coincided with the time when he was expanding his youtube-business by making merchandise and selling his books (books which seemed to me to be a very commercial, business choice rather than a creatively-driven endeavour), and it also coincided with the time when he was making large sums of money from his youtube career. In his videos during-pinkie-ring-era, commenters sometimes can be found to say that his videos portray him as a little materialistic; talking a lot about his extravagant, expensive purchases – another trait associated with the pinkie ring. Simultaneously, his position being a youtube-celebrity where he vlogs his everyday life and publicizes it to hundreds of thousands of viewers every day often means that he has to be careful with what he says on camera in his videos so that he doesn’t upset anyone and so that he is seen as being likeable, therefore, holding back at times and restricting his communication – yet another trait associated with the pinkie ring.

Examples of situations where people may wear a ring on the little finger

  • The gold-digger who is on the hunt for a rich husband or sugar daddy.
  • The celebrity who is earning very nicely indeed and enjoying and placing some importance on the fine luxuries of life.
  • The businessman who is more interested in work and staying late at the office than in coming home to his wife.
  • The man who dreams of one day swimming in a bath of champagne and jumping into a pool of money Scrooge McDuck style.
  • The celebrity who is so accustomed to speaking in front of reporters and journalists that he is very careful about how he communicates and holds himself back from being entirely his unfiltered self.
  • The writer experiencing writer’s block or who is wanting to strengthen his writing ability.

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Important notes:
(1) People can and do change over time. If someone was once seen wearing a pinkie ring and then stopped wearing it, the traits described in this article may have applied during the time period when the ring was worn but the person may have shifted to new emotional states and new stages of life since that time, in which case the pinkie-ring-associated traits no longer apply to them.
(2) In some schools of palmistry, particularly in India, palmists tell their clients to wear a pinky ring if they want more wealth and more success in business, so bear in mind that some pinkie-ring wearers may be from this school of thought.
(3) This article is just for entertainment purposes and is not necessarily an accurate portrayal of the people mentioned in this article – it is extrapolation based on hand analysis theory.

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