Why do I make the same mistakes and how do I stop doing it?

If you’re in a situation where you’re unhappy and you decide to leave it, you take yourself with yourself. This means that no matter how far you physically remove yourself from the person/people or situation you were unhappy in, you’ll inevitably begin repeating the same life scenarios unless you deliberately change your vibrational setpoint*. (* A term coined by Abraham as channelled by Esther Hicks. Your vibrational setpoint is how you feel in the present moment in time and this  setpoint determines what Law of Attraction brings to you.)

We live in a vibrational Universe and we are vibrational beings who have energetic frequencies depending on how we feel. Our emotions are our most accurate gauge that always let us know if we’re on the right track or not. Feeling good always indicates you’re going in the right direction and feeling bad always indicates that you’ve gone off the track. The Law of Attraction manages everything for us in that whatever we are focusing on the most, for better or for worse, Law of Attraction brings similar experiences to us. Like attracts like.

Many people get confused because they think they’re focusing on the positive parts of what they want, when actually they’re focused on the absence of what they want. How does this work? Well, every subject has two sides to it: 1) What you want and 2) The absence of what you want. You can never focus on the absence of what you want and get what you want. You can’t yearn for a better life and justify it for yourself because you have suffered or are deserving more than someone else, etc.

Justification of something always indicates that you’re focused on not yet having what you want. The type of thinking that represents the absence of what you want is a very different vibrational frequency to knowing and feeling you have what you want. The mere act of justifying means that you are still giving attention to something you are still feeling bad about not yet having but   you feel you deserve. It indicates a lack rather than an achievement of something you desire.

This is the tricky bit: How can you feel good about having what you want before you can taste it, see it, smell it or touch it? For most people, feeling you have something you really desire before you can see evidence of it manifested in reality is a big ask. This however is the only way something you desire can come to you because you need to be aligned with the vibration of it. If you begin to imagine the ideal situation you want for yourself, living it in your imagination, sensing, tasting, seeing, smelling, or touching it until it feels inevitable that it will happen, then you are focused on the positive side of the coin, of the things you want. You will then be in vibrational correspondence with your desire. In this case, Law of Attraction will deliver to you the things you desire that feel as good as you do.

Your vibrational setpoint is how you feel in the present moment in time and this position determines what Law of Attraction will bring to you. So, if you’re vibrating on a frequency of disappointment, not having what you want, criticising things/people, etc., generally feeling bad, you can only attract more of these negative conditions to you. You can’t feel bad and attract good-feeling things. You first have to feel good and only then can things that feel good come to you.

So you deliberately need to become aware of how you’re feeling and begin focusing on things that make you feel better, step by step. You can only attract a better feeling situation when you intrinsically feel better first.

Leaving a bad situation may give you some temporary relief, but you will still be the same person doing the same things and feeling the same way unless you consciously and deliberately first change how you think and feel. You will take yourself with yourself. In order for things to be different, you need to be different first so you don’t repeat the same things over and over again; a case of different places, different faces, same situation.

The Teachings of Abraham tell us that the best way to feel better is to make peace with your current situation. If you can bring yourself to focus only on the positive aspects of your situation, (while ignoring the negative aspects) until you feel better or even happy again, this will bring you to a new vibrational setpoint. This means that if you still decide to leave the situation, you will do so from a place of personal power and positivity rather than from a place of negativity. In this case, where you change your feelings prior to taking the action of leaving a situation, you have a good chance of giving yourself the different life experiences you seek.

If you continue to feel bad and justify your leaving while toting up all the negative reasons that justify your action, then you will not be able to improve your situation. All you will do is attract more of the same bad-feeling things to you. This is how law of Attraction functions: it brings you more of the same, be it positive or negative. It’s an inclusive Law of the Universe, meaning that it always brings you things that you most give your attention to, whether they are positive or negative. It just depends where you’re most strongly focused and where you have the most momentum going. It is the feeling that is the strongest that you will get more of. This is how people feel that they “keep repeating the same mistakes.”

Many people get fixated on what is, that is, what’s happening now in their life or immediate reality at the present time. If what’s happening is not good, they often feel as if life is happening to them and they feel they can’t control their life. But far from life happening to them, what’s actually happening is that because of their vibrational setpoint they are inviting more of the same experiences into their life.

We are all fully responsible for what’s coming into our life because it’s there as a direct consequence of how we’re thinking and feeling. It’s not our job to control people or events, which is impossible anyway. Our job is only to do what is in our remit and that is to be responsible for how we think and feel.

1) We have the power to change our thoughts and therefore how we feel at any time which then influences the quality of our lives. This is the true power we have at our disposal that will change our lives for the better.

2) We can then align ourselves with what we want that feels good rather than focusing on what we don’t want that doesn’t feel good and is what we might be living in the present.

3) We can slowly but surely look for the positive aspects in the places or people we’re having difficulty with, and focus only on the positive aspects.

4) If this is too difficult, then you can distract yourself by giving your attention to anything that feels good, be it your pets, a sunset, nature, other things that you feel good about, love or appreciate.

5) As you incrementally feel better, step-by-step your vibrational setpoint will change for a better-feeling one and your life will also consequently start to change and feel better and better.

6) As you feel good, Law of Attraction will bring you more of the things you desire that will continue to make your life happy. All you need to do is  to continue to focus on what you want, ensuring you are feeling good as you do so and allow Law of Attraction to deliver what you desire to you. It then becomes a case of “ask and it is given”.

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