Positive Judgement vs Positive Appreciation

I just had a thought:

Is there a difference between:
- “Judgement – judging that this is good” and between
- “Appreciation – appreciating that this is good”?

Here are my thoughts:

Judgement comes from a thinking place that’s often based on beliefs we’ve accumulated throughout life; beleifs that tell us one thing is “right” and one thing is “wrong”. It’s an intellectual thing. These beliefs that may not always be in line with what our inner being knows to be true.

Appreciation comes from a feeling place that’s often based on lining up with your inner being’s joy. Appreciation is more purely feel-good. There is no right or wrong here; it’s just pure focus on how good something feels to you personally.

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Understanding The Vortex and the stuff that’s in it

abraham hicks vortex Abraham Hicks often use the term “The Vortex” to descirbe that place where we put all our dreams and desires. The stuff we put in our vortex adapts and expands throughout our lives as new dreams and desires are conceived, and refinement of The Vortex content occurs as we refine our understanding of what we want in life.

What happens to all the stuff we put in The Vortex as it grows and evolves? and do we consciously remember and know about everything that’s in our vortex?

I really liked this piece by AbeForum member, Cosmic, about better understanding how The Vortex works when we put stuff into it. Cosmic says:

“From outside the vortex, you might be aware of individual ‘preferences’ you have created. From inside the vortex, they can look different. [...] Abraham often say you may not even be able to identify the contents of your vortex, from outside the vortex. Because it has been changing and updating as you have.

So (in my understanding) it is not as simple as, “when I was 3 years old, I saw someone play the piano, and I decided I wanted that, so now in my vortex I am a concert pianist”. [...]

abraham hicks cake analogy [To better explain how the things you put in your vortex work] Abraham often use the analogy of making a cake.
When you make the cake, you put flour, and eggs, and milk, and sugar…
But that doesn’t mean that the finished cake will just look like a pile of flour + a pile of eggs + some milk + some sugar
It looks like a *cake*.

In the same way, you might put “piano player” + “truck driver” + “amazing lover” + “new couch” into your vortex Let go of expectations and focus on the feeling place of feeling good instead
But in the way it unfolds, it will likely be an even better version that you could imagine from your physical perspective, that will include all of the *essence* of what you want, in deeper and richer ways, in interconnected ways, in ways that will feel delightful and logical, in ways that you will feel like you recognise, and feel “as yes, this is a match to me, this is what I wanted!”

The more you focus on the essence of your desire (the emotion)
The more you allow yourself to realise its *form* (the physical see it, hear it, smell it, taste it, touch it)
But when you focus on the form you *think* it should have from outside the vortex (I want to be a piano player and I’m aware that I’m not)
The more you hold yourself to where you are.
Let the form fill in.”

(Here’s a link to the original post: http://www.abeforum.com/showthread.php?43466-Learning-New-Skills&p=958313&viewfull=1#post958313 )

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On Conditionally Feeling Good – Abraham Hicks

There are two types of feeling good:
Girly daisy flowers modern typography brushstrokes poster
a.) Conditionally feeling good:
This is conditional on you observing “wanted” things around you and relishing then. But on the other end of this stick is also what happens if the good conditions stop. So it’s good to have a plan B, and that plan B is:

b.) Unconditionally feeling good:
This is feeling good regardless of the conditions around you. Even if you’re seeing unwanted things around you, you anchor yourself to something good deliberately inside, using your focused thoughts, and using techniques that Abraham Hicks teach.

- – -

A misconception is that “conditionally feeling good” is “less good” than “unconditionally feeling good”, because there is a passiveness in conditional living, and there is the danger of falling prey to unhappy conditions too and then letting them effect you. But conditional living is not always a bad thing as long as you use it with consciousness.

I really enjoyed reading forum member’s paradise-on-earth words on this in the AbeForums. She says:

“You can “sneak into the backdoor” [of feeling good],
by observing a wanted condition and feel good by doing so,
and then it´s easier to maintain the momentum of the wanted.

And of course, that´s totally valid-
always take the path of least resistance!

What feels good, IS good!
  -but in doing so, and using the easy way-
KNOW why things are working as they do. “

Happy Face Emoticon Poster

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What to do with your life when you don’t know what you want to do?

What do you do with your time if you simply don’t know what your wants and desires are? What do you do when you don’t know what to do with your life?

Step 1: Make peace with where you are.
Meditation Poster You feel that discomfort when you say “I don’t know what I want to do” – that discomfort has several possible drivers behind it:
a.) a signal that your inner being disagrees with the statement because your inner being knows everything you’ve put in your vortex and sees a lot of desires lined up for you even if you can’t see them yourself.
b.) The discomfort it also your feeling the gap between where you are and where you want to be.
c.) And the discomfort could also be an indicator of your resistance to “where you are” (“I don’t know what I want yet and I don’t like it!!”).

A good first step could be to soothe yourself with words like:
“I don’t know what I want to do, and that kind of sucks! I want to know! But you know what? I’m pretty sure this is just a temporary phase, and I’m pretty sure I’ll think of something eventually or that some opportunity will crop up eventually.. so where I am now in this “not knowing state” is ok, because it’s not gonna be like this forever. Things change. This is just a phase.. and in the meantime, I can focus on just doing things that make me feel good right now.. and I have tools available to me like Abraham Hicks techniques that I can use to help be shift from where I am right now to somewhere where there is more clarity.. I can be patient whilst I figure this out.. I know I’ll figure it out..”

Step 2: Realise you have general desires even if you don’t know the specifics just now
Explore Dream Discover Travel Quotes Poster Whilst you might not know the specifics of what you want do with your life, you still have some general ideas of what you want, so use those to help. Focus on what you know you do want.
Every person has their own list but here are a few possible general examples of general things people may want:
I want to feel happy
I  want to feel good
I want to feel interested
I want to feel free
I want to feel at ease
I want to feel flow
I want to feel stimulated
I want to feel like you’re growing
I want to feel like you’re contributing something positive to I world
I want to feel excited about what you do
I want to feel enthusiastic
I want to feel abundant
I want to live a luxurious life style
I want to feel money is flowing easily and continuously to me

Step 3: Focus on the general feelings and nurture them by finding activities and thoughts that strengthen them within you

Do More Of What Makes You Happy Poster Ok, so now you have a general idea of what you want, emotionally at least.. but you still have 24 hours in a day and no idea of the specifics of what to do with these hours.. so what do you do?

Option 1:
Activities that line you up with the feelings you seek.
For example, if you feel “interested” when you read about the latest movie news, do more of that.
If you feel “stimulated” when you’re learning about Abraham’s teachings, spend more time doing that.
If you feel “happy” when you play with your dog, spend more time doing that.
If you feel “excited and enthusiastic” when you’re watching your favourite sports team – do more of that.
When you’re lined up with something that feels good, you can potentially manifest something positive unexpectedly. For example, as you read about the latest movie news, an advert may catch your eye on the page which is JUSt the thing that will have you thinking “that gives me an idea for something I’d like to do!”

Option 2:
Exercises and processes that Abraham suggest. There are a lot of “processes” that you can use as activities that help line you up with the feelings you want more of in life. If you do these processes consistently and train yourself into the “feeling place” of all these good feelings, more opportunities will be attracted to you that carry these same positive vibrations you’ve been practising. So you don’t even have to know ahead of time what these opportunities will be – they may delight and surprise you – but opportunities will find you if you’re practising their vibrations. That’s what the law of attraction is about.

Positive Thoughts Create a Positive World Poster Think Positive Poster

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What causes negative emotions? An Abraham Hicks perspective

Golf Balls Emotions Chart Poster What causes us to feel unhappy? What brings about unhappiness? What causes us to feel negative emotions?

Based on my understanding of Abraham Hicks teachings, I think unhappiness can have several potential origins:

  •  It could be old issues and negative beliefs that haven’t been entirely pivoted / shifted, and that still have some momentum behind them. These can come to the surface when you have vibrational moments when you’re vibrating at lower levels that are in tune with these unhappy thoughts.
  • New fears / doubts that may pop up if your vibration is wobbly. These thoughts can be inspired by contrast you observe in your life experience and in the life experience of those around you.
  •  Vibrating on lower levels in general (through not tending to your vibration), so you pick up lower-level thoughts and feelings more often.
  • Focusing on the unwanted end of the stick
  •  Focusing on the uncomfortable gap between what you want and where you are
  •  The discomfort you feel when your thoughts don’t match what your inner being knows to be true
  •  The discomfort of resisting “what is”

- – -

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How to stay happy and positive around negative people

Stay Positive Classic Round Sticker How to maintain a strong positive vibration in the presence of negative people:

Many people who practice feeling good say it’s easier to stay positive when they’re by themselves, but harder amongst people.

How do you prevent yourself from getting sucked into other people’s negativity?

Step 1: First practice feeling good on your own
If you can already do this consistently, you are doing very well! If you still need to practice this some more, then put in the practice of watching your thoughts, pivoting negativity towards positivity and engaging in self-soothing self-talk.

Step 2: Recognise that we attract to ourselves situations which are in tune with our vibrations
Abraham Hicks Thoughts to things postcard Even if you think you’ve mastered “Step 1″, when you’re with people, often the people around us provide a mirror that shows us something we didn’t realise was there. We attract to ourselves situations with are in tune with some vibration that we’ve got active inside ourselves, so if we’re attracting a person into our experience who is telling us a negative story, the only reason we were able to attract this experience is because we have some cleaning up to do of our vibration still. So take it as a welcome flag that can help you refine your vibration to better and better levels. As Abraham tell us, people around us help us to expand and grow, and I think this is partly because they show us things we still have to work on vibrationally.

Step 3: Practice feeling good when with people
practice feeling good and maintaining positivity when with other people even if they are negative After you’ve practiced feeling good on your own and have got a pretty good handle of that, the next “level up” is practising to maintain your positivity in the presence of others.

To carry out this training intentionally, choose a time you want to practice. Then before entering a room with people, go in with the pre-paved intention that you will watch your thoughts, words and feelings for the next 30mins or 1 hour. (I say “for 30 mins or 1 hour” to start small, because in my experience it can be tricky keeping your focus and concentration, consciously watching your thoughts and pivoting them for long periods of time when you’re not used to it. As you become more advanced, you can do it for longer periods of time and eventually all the time).

When you’re in the group environment, be very conscious of your feelings. You’ll start noticing feeling-responses to what others say. You then have a couple of choices:

a.) Practice not engaging emotionally:
practice being conscious like a logical robot not engaging emotionally with a negative situation by consciouslly seeing it in a detatched way Without judgement, listen, observing how the words feel in your body. If something doesn’t feel good, at that moment, you can aknowledge in your mind that your inner being doesn’t agree with it, and this can help you not get caught up with the words emotionally. Once you feel your body resisting to a statement, with consciousness you can observe the resistance, breathe it out and let it go. It’s a silent watching and recognising that the words don’t have to have an emotional impact on you if you realise they are not true. This is the Eckhart Tolle-esque approach of “being very conscious”, conscious enough to not let yourself get carried away by other people’s thought-forms. At best, this will help you not get sucked in but probably would keep you more or less neutral in vibration.
Personally I prefer a more active approach that has more feel-good power to it – see option (b.).

b.) Practice pivoting with the person
Keep Calm and Stay Positive spiritual Humorour t-shirt Engage in conversation with the storyteller who is telling a negative story and *help them to pivot the story* out loud. Offer soothing words to counter their story to bring the whole conversation to a better-feeling place.
By doing this you are doing a positive service both to yourself and to the person who’s telling the story. You can help act as their guide, bringing them to awareness about their story.
Warning: In my experience, initially, your discomfort with the negative story can lead you to pivot them in a way which comes across as angry / aggressive / snappy.. because at first you may still have some discomfort and some resistance to their story which can manifest in a negatively-emotionally-charged response from you – but with continued practice, you can learn to train yourself to offer soothing words in a soft, gentle way that feels good both to you and the person you’re with.

c.) Put a stop to the conversation if it doesn’t feel good:

blowing a kiss goodbye loving love filled fond farwell Leave a conversation if it doesn’t feel good. Sometimes it can be too much for us to handle and we don’t know what to say or do and can feel ourselves getting emotionally dragged into someone else’s negative story. In that case, because how *you* feel is the most important thing, the best thing you could do is take yourself out of the situation until you are ready to practice again, where you can try to carry out options (a.) or (b.). Polite ways to leave the conversation could be:
- Change the subject to a more pleasant subject
- Apologise and take your leave

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Abraham Hicks on How to Win the Lottery, Money and other stuff

Based on my understanding of Abraham Hicks and based on what I’ve read in the AbeForum, here is a step-by-step guide I’ve put together for how to win stuff (eg. how to win the lottery, how to win games or anything else) according to my current understanding of the Law of Attraction:

Be Simple Poster Precursor step: Be honest with yourself

It important to be honest with yourself. Lots of people say they want to win “because it’ll be fun” – but this statement can sometimes be a “denial” of  the real truth, which is usually that people have some sort of strong want or need for the money beyond a light and breezy “it’ll be fun”. The more honest you are with yourself, the more you can address any points that need fine-tuning to iron them out and get you lined up with the results you want.

- – -

Step 1: Identify whether a specific method of winning is important to you or if you really just desire the money

As WellBeing from the AbeForum put it in an old forum post:
“[Be] aware which piece of your story… is “the game” piece of it and which is “the money” piece.”

Future Millionaire Postcard People often say they want to specifically win the lottery – but is that really true? Or are they REALLY wanting what winning the lottery will get them: living a luxurious, abundance-filled, money-rich lifestyle where money is always available to accomodate the ability to buy anything you ever dreamt of?

Is it the specific “winning of the lottery” that’s the dream, or something else further down the line?

If the luxurious, abundant-money lifestyle is the ultimate goal, then being flexible and general about the way it comes to you can help the universe manifest this abundance. If you relax about the specific method it manifests, then the result can come to you in unexpected ways that delight and surprise you that perhaps you wouldn’t have ever considered before. Who knows, you may suddenly discovered you’re actually the long-lost relative of some royal from a distant land and inherit his fortune – who knows! :D

As AbeForum member Positive Pamela puts it well:

“I know that the universe will bring money to me in the best, least resistance way.”

- – -

Step 2: Clean up your vibration about “The Exciting Game”

Lucky Lady Gambling Slot Machines Shirt The thing about competitions, lotteries, raffles, and games, is that traditionally, in non-deliberate-manifestation terms, no-one knows who will win, and this is part of the excitment of it. It’s part of what gives people thrills and even joy. ”Will I win? Won’t I win? Ahh! It’s so exhilarating!”

But if you want a sure thing of winning, this vibration you have going of “ahh will I win?? I like the excitement of hoping I’ll win but I’m not sure if I’ll win.. I hope so!” is inconsistent with the vibration of “I’m going to win for sure. I’m a winner.”

If you want to win for sure, I feel like it’s important to focus on the “I’m a winner” vibe and let go of the need for that old suspense. Decide that you’re going to deliberately manifest a result, and line up with that belief rather and train yourself away from the old suspenseful excitement that is probably not helping you win.

- – -

Step 3:  Before testing out your winning alignment with high stakes, train first with no stakes
Keep Calm and Play Safe Snooker T-shirt Take big money gambles off the table whilst you’re still learning how to manifest things. Start small and build your confidence in your abiity to manifest wins gradually. Once you’ve mastered the art of manifesting wins with no big money stakes on the line, then move up to testing it out with small money stakes if you wish, and go from there.

- – -

Step 4:  Soothe away fears of losing

You don’t want to focus on the “losing end of the stick” because focus on it keep it active, but at the same time, I feel like if there are worries or fears about losing bubbling beneath the surface, it may be worth spending a *short* amount of time soothing fears of losing.

eg “It’s only $X I’ve invested.. no big deal..” Or in the case of a sport “It’s only a game at the end of the day.. life will go on just fine either way.. although it’d be so nice to see us win!”

Get to a place where you’re more easy about it – where you’re not offering a strong energy of resistance to losing. (because offering a strong energy on this end of the stick can activate the losing energy).

Once you’ve soothed these kinds of thoughts and genuinely feel soothed, pivot as quickly as you can to the “winning end of the stick” to make this the dominant point of focus.

- – -

Step 5: Train your beliefs into believing you will win:

To train this belief, there are 2 parts:

Millionaire U. (University) "Student" T-Shirt a.) Train out doubt by soothing it away in a believable way.
As WellBeing from the AbeForum puts it:
“soothe and shift the aspects which are right now unwanted by you.”
You can use the laws of the Universe to help.

b.) Train a stronger belief:

There are two relevant stories here to train your belief on:
(i.) The “I am a winner story” (“I can win.. I will win BIG.. I am a winner..”)
(ii.) and the “an abundant, wealthy, rich, luxurious lifestyle is within my reach” story.

You can break down the big topic of “winning” into smaller manageable pieces, and work on each part separately. This can sometimes feel more easy to work with, and may help you discover little hidden pockets of resistance that pop up on a specific topic which you can then clean up vibraitonally to get you closer to your end-goal.
(Examples of hidden pockets of resistance that you may have to soothe could include: “but if I win my friends and family may be jealous.. but if I win I’ll have to move houses and that’s a lot of work..” etc etc.)

Money Poster Things that can help you train yourself into believing in yourself as a winner include:

  • General statements that support your belief (as long as they feel believable and good to you)
  • Specific statements that support your belief (as long as they feel believable and good to you)
  • Visualizations
  • - If you’re set on a particular method of winning, visualize what the JOURNEY of winning looks like to you in the most ideal, perfect case
  • - If you’re set on a particular method of winning, visualize what the MOMENT of winning looks like to you, in the most ideal, perfect case

Funny Giant Lottery Check Poster AbeForum member serenity2000 gave a good example of a positive visualization, she said:

“I visualized us standing in front of the lottery counter, waiting for the ticket to process, hearing the person at the register tell us we’d won, and my husband and I hugging, laughing, celebrating our win. And that’s how it happened!
Visualize the situations you’d like to experience while you bet. Picture the fun of hitting the button if you’re doing it online or standing in a queue, chatting with someone who takes a shine to you and shares a tip which you decide to bet on just for the fun of it. The look of amazement, glee, joy and immense gratitude on your face when you hear the tip paid off.”

- – -

Step 6: Train your vibrational high up so that it’s in the vicinity of allowing a win to come your way

Things that can help train your vibration to a higher place include:

  • Motivational Dream Believe Achieve Poster Make peace with where you are right now vibrationally whilst being eager for more. Be easy and kind to yourself even if you spot you’re not feeling at the vibrational place you want to be in. Where-ever you are right now, it’s alright because you can shift your vibration upwards, so where you are right now is ok because it’s only temporary and you can improve it with some Abe work and practice. If you have tried to win something and haven’t won yet, soothe that feeling too by knowing that the past does not effect your future. You can deliberately intend and set up conditions to work out favourably in the future.
  • Meditation
  • Spending your time and focus on feel-good things
  • Seeking out fun
  • Seeking out appreciation
  •  Visualize the lifestyle you want: By familiarizing your vibration with the lifestyle of your dreams, you align your vibration with it.

* Only bet and buy tickets when you’re feeling vibrationally very good *

- – -

An experience from AbeForum member Positive Pamela on this subject:

“I have found that when I am in a really good mood and already happy before I log in and bet on a few (horse) races, I have much better luck and tend to win more often or get good winning streaks. When I need to work on my vibration, I know better than to make any bets.”

- – -

So get out there, start training your positive beliefs and train yourself into a steady, consistent winning, feel-good state, and start your winning streak! Let’s put this Abe theory to the test! :)

I love Winning Poster

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How to make peace with “What Is”

(NB I’ve written a more lengthy discussion on my understanding of this process here in this article: Making Peace with What is)

This too shall pass postcard Sometimes what you see in your current reality and existence may not be exactly what you want. But an important step to moving to a better place, is ironically to stop resisting the present moment and make peace with it.

By “make peace with the present” I don’t mean giving up on your hopes and dreams for a better future. Let me explain using the wise words by HereIam from the Abe forums:

When you feel resistance to something in your present experience, realise that you are experiencing contrast. Whilst this contrast is here right now, it is also good to realise that you are a powerful creator and you have the ability to change any circumstance to be more pleasing. And when you realise that, you can breathe a sigh of relief, because you can say:
“Aha! Its okay to be standing where I am right now, because i know that I can change this situation to something that is more pleasing! So where I am right now isn’t such a big deal, it’s all ok. It’s not where I have to always be. Things can change, so where I am right now is fine because it’s just temporary and I’m looking forward to things getting better and better!

Everything Will Be OK Postcard Say the example is that you want beautiful thick hair: you can tell yourself:
It is okay for my hair to be as it is right here and now in this moment – because I know that I can always grow more hair and I know its condition can improve. In fact I am looking forward to growing more hair, and I know that it will happen, and so whilst I let my body get on with that, I’m just going to do my best to be happy, focus on the good things in my life, focus on finding fun stuff to do and things to appreciate. Be grateful and appreciative for what you already have, whilst being eager for more to arrive. Start loving what you have and focusing on the good side of it, whilst knowing that better things are also coming and are within your reach.

The magic ingredients are:
1.) Being ok with where you are because you KNOW it’s just temporary
2.) BELIEVING that things can get better – really KNOWING it without a doubt.

If you have a hard time believing that things can get better, check out my article on how to train yourself to change beliefs into positive ones.

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Belief Training: How to go from negative beliefs to positive beliefs

How to gradually change beliefs:

Everythings going to be Alright ok okay motivational Quote Poster Step 1: Make peace with where you are right now:
Rather than resisting your current belief and pushing against “what is”, try to let go of the idea that you need to fight off beliefs that aren’t serving you. Focusing on how you dislike your current beliefs only activates them further and makes them stay in your current experience. Instead, make peace with where you are. How to do that:
- Most of us have the starting point of having an out of the vortex thought about where we are
- Awareness is the first stage: becoming aware of the thoughts you are thinking
- The next stage is soothing the negative thoughts with soothing self-talk and pivoting until you feel more at peace with where you are.
(eg. I am where I am, and that’s ok. Even though I’m here now, I don’t have to be here forever. I know life is dynamic and things change so this too can change. I feel like that’s possible that this too shall pass and it’s just a temporary blip. I trust that things will sort out in time. All I have to do is focus on feeling the best that I can right now, focus on the good things around me, and try to reach for feeling a little better gradually. Knowing that it’s ok to be where I am because it’s just where I am *right now* and not forever is quite comforting.. kind of a relief to know that! So where I am right now isn’t a big deal at all because it’s just temporary. It’s ok.. everything’s ok.. where I am is ok.. I’m doing ok.. I’m in the process of learning how to improve my situation, and I know I can pivot it in time.. I have time.. I can be patient about it.. I know I can get there… I think I’m feeling a little better already… I’m getting there… I know it’s a journey and this point is just a step on the journey, and every step is an ok place to be because it is an important step towards leading somewhere better and better…).

Change your thoughts and you change your world Motivational quotation Poster Step 2: Shift your vibration about your current unhelpful beliefs:
Create doubt about the current belief that you want to pivot, to help deconstruct it. Metaphorically remove the legs of the table of that belief so that it can no longer stand as tall and strong. You deconstruct the old belief by asking yourself: Is your current belief really true? Am I absolutely 100% certain that it’s true without any shadow of a doubt? Or maybe there is a tiny chance it’s not true? maybe even a bigger than tiny chance? Are there some people or animals or stories you’ve heard that disprove your current belief and support a new more positive belief? Take each supporting fact that is currently letting the “table” stand and give believable reasons why that fact is not true.

PRACTICE practice practice - make perfect MINDFULNESS poster Step 3: Practise the art of creating new beliefs on easier things first (unrelated to the BIG things)
Practising on little things like manifesting a button will make it easier to believe you have the power to manifest a castle. So practise on manifesting a parking spot, free-flowing traffic, a moment where rain stops just when you want to go out, manifesting seeing a butterfly, finding a feather or a piece of blue glass or anything trivial that doesn’t have a lot of emotional charge behind it. This can help give you confidence in your ability to believe in your ability to change your beliefs for the things you consider to be big and more meaningful.

Step 4: Practice feel-good focus on the new belief – then practice some more!
Abraham say a belief is just an idea you keep thinking about, so here are a few possible ways to “keep thinking about it” in a positive way. Here are a few suggestions:
(NB You don’t have to use all of these techniques; each method can help on its own or in combination with the other methods)

a.) Visualization exercises:
Make your new belief more real by imagining it. What would it look like? What would it feel like if it was currently present in my experience? fleshing it out helps make it feel more real.

Watercolor Quote She Believed She Could So She Did Poster b.) Believable Positive self-talk:
Repeat soothing thoughts to yourself. These can be general or specific to the belief you want to grow. Let me explain a little more of what I mean by general self-talk and what I mean by specific self-talk:

- (i.) – General positive self-talk

  • “I know my inner being / universe is supporting me and wants the best for me”
  • “I know my inner being / universe is guiding me to good-feeling places.”
  • “Everything inevitably works out wonderfully for me.”

(These all help provide a vibrational set point where good things are coming to you, including that new belief that you want to nurture.)

- (ii.) – Specific positive self-talk
There are several ways of having specific positive self talk.

One example is this great guide I found by AbeForum member angelman66:

I WANT TO BELIEVE…(fill in the blank)
I am working toward believing…
Believing this will allow me to….
I want to believe this because….
Others believe this and they are able to…

Specific self-talk is about:

  • - Repeating soothing thoughts that are specifically about what you want to believe.
  • - Going Softly: Soften the belief to a level you can accept. Start softly rather than with strong affirmations that are out in the bushes (because repeating words you don’t believe won’t help; you have to train your vibration to a new place of belief *gradually, softly, gently, patiently*).
  • - Reach for more and more better-feeling statements: Form positive statements about the subject you want to believe and which feel better and give you a feeling of relief or a sense of fun, and repeat these kinds of words to yourself, practising gently, whenever you feel the time is right for practising the work.
  • eg. what if I woke up tomorrow and found X had manifested?! that would be so cool! I don’t have to figure out the “how” – the Universe can take care of the How. All I have to do is line up with my desire. I know other people have achieved X, so I guess it’s possible, and if it’s possible for them, I guess it’s possible for me too. Wouldn’t it be nice to have X.. I can imagine myself having X.. cue visualization.. In an equally real reality parallel universe, there could be a version of me who already has X – I just have to line up with that and I can bring that reality into my reality.. Imagine what it would be like after the manifestation has happened.. imagine going to the forums or to an Abe workshop and telling everyone the good news! That’ll be fun too! etc etc

Belief in your dreams Poster The specific positive self-talk is also a good time to catch any onion layers of compounding thoughts and beliefs around the subject and pivot those too.
(eg Someone who wants to manifest abundance with money, may have a limiting belief that all rich people are snobs, or may worry that their friends and family may be jealous of them or not look at them in the same way if they suddenly have lots of money. So work on soothing all those onion layers of thoughts and beliefs. It’s not just a matter of being positive about seeing yourself swimming in a pool of money (though that’s fun too!) – it’s also about shifting any deeper (sometimes less obvious) onion-layers of limiting beliefs that are holding you back and which may be keeping you stuck.

A good tool for positive self-talk is using a focus wheel.

c.) Make a vision board that strengthens your focus on your belief
You can make a real-life crafty vision board with magazine cut-outs and glue, or if you’re very arty, you can create paintings and decorate your home with this artwok that helps you picture more of what you want, or you can make a virtual vision board on the computer eg on pinterest.

d.) Be open and flexible about how your positive belief can manifest things in your life
Your job isn’t to figure out the specific “how” something will manifest. (eg “If I line up with having loads of money, I have to win the lottery” – Instead be open to more ways that money can flow into your existence once you’ve lined up with a general feeling of abundance). If you line up your beliefs that something is possible, it can come to you in ways that will surprise and delight you – and that’s more fun than strictly trying to control the specific way it will come to you.

Believe In Yourself | White Brush Script style Poster
- – -

Fun synchronicity side note: As I was writing this and thinking about the importance of “believing in yourself”, I was listening to the radio and the song “Have a Little Faith in Me” came on! \(^_^)/ yay! synchronicities!

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How to find the fun – Abraham Hicks perspective

Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction - Choose Joy According to Abraham Hicks the purpose of life is to have fun, feel happy and feel the joy. But how do you find fun when you don’t know where to look? Especially if you’re in a temporary state when nothing feels fun to you?

There’s this quote from an Abraham Hicks video that I really liked about the subject of how to find what’s fun for you:

“Nothing’s fun if you’re not tapped in, tuned in, turned on.
If you’re not lined up with energy first, everything seems hard.
But if you look for the fun first, if you look for the joy first, and are tapped in, tuned in, turned on, then everything you do will be life giving.”

Source: https://youtu.be/f4jQuvQmy-8?t=3m16s

- – -

In other words they’re saying, try to uplift yourself from where you are, and then it will be easier for you to find things fun. After you’ve successfully uplifted yourself, from a happier state of mind, so many more things can be fun to you – even things you didn’t find fun before. It doesn’t matter what activity you choose to do, from your new uplifted state, you’ll be able to find the fun in any activity you do if you are closer to the vibration of fun withinin your mood in general.

It’s like something Bashar said: (I paraphrase here)

Don’t look for exciting things.
Instead train yourself to be IN excitement; to be in a state of excitement. And from this state everything will be exciting for you.
It’s not about finding the right *thing* that gets your mood to rise.
It’s about learning to raise your mood first, and then potentially any thing can appear to be the right thing that feels fun and exciting.

- – -

Abraham Hicks The Secret - Find Joy in the Ordinary Inspirational Poster But how do you uplift yourself from where you are now to a state where you’re in a happier state of mind from which you’ll be able to find the fun and find the joy in an easy way?

Here’s one possible 3-step method:

Step 1: Acknowledge you are where you are, and it’s ok.

Step 2: Work on releasing resistance

Work on releasing resistance by self-soothing the negative thoughts you have about the negative things in your life. Soften the negative feeling with thoughts that soften the negative thoughts.

eg. I know what I don’t want and what I don’t like, but that means a part of me knows what I do want, so maybe I can try to focus on what I DO want more… that could help me feel better. Wouldn’t it be nice to feel better? My uneasiness is just my inner guidance talking to me, showing me that my guidance system is working and helping to guide me towards something better. Everything’s going to be ok. I’ll figure it out and I don’t have to figure it out right now. My life is helping me figure out stuff. I like the idea that Source energy within me knows that there’s a way, and knows the way, and if I relax, I’ll be able to allow myself to hear its guidance more clearly to a better place. As I relax, ideas will occur to me, and I’ll be able to flow with it. It’s just a matter of relaxing. I can relax. I’m feeling a little better already…

Step 3: Focus on something positive.

Focusing on anything that feels good. Even if it’s a tiny bit good.

Start with something that feels light and good – even if it’s just a little good. Even 1% good is better than 0% good. It doesn’t matter how small or frivalous that thing is. If you focus on something that has even a hint of feel-good factor to it, it will help that vibration grow and with more momentum, it will help you tune into “fun”.

eg 1. I want to find out how my friend is doing maybe I’ll get in touch with them… It’s always interesting to hear how they’re doing…
(That thought contains interest, and interest can be energizing, stimulating and a little more feel-good than lower-vibration states of mind.).

eg 2. I’m kinda craving chocolate right now. Mmm chocolate.. (and then the flow starts towards more positive feelings of desire and tastiness).

eg 3. It’s nice and quiet outside. I like how peaceful the quiet is.
(And then that can help springboard you into other things you like and appreciate in your world.)

etc. etc.

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