What is fear according to Abraham Hicks

Fear lets you know that your point of attraction is currently focused on what you don’t want rather than focusing on what you DO want. Fear shows your focus is focused on the worst case situation that you don’t want to happen.

For example: Let’s say someone is afraid of getting into a relationship.
Their fear lets them know that their point of attraction is on what they don’t want to happen if they are in a relationship.
For example, maybe when they think of relationships ,the dominant thoughts and focus are on things like:
- losing freedom
- obligation to do stuff you dont want
- etc.
Because their focus is dominantly on the “what I don’t want” end of the stick, they feel fear when they think of getting into a relationship.

Any bad feeling, like fear, tells you that you are focused on a subject in a way that’s different from what your Source knows about how that experience can be when it’s all working out for you.
Let’s get back to the relationship example:
Your Source knows a relationship can be wonderful. Your Source knows all about the “positive end of the stick” aspects of getting in a relationship: the delicious feelings of togetherness, belonging, acceptance, love, fun, flow, companionship, co-creative joy etc.
Because you have Source within you, there is a vibrational version of you whose focus is all the “wanted” things, and that therefore doesn’t feel fear when it’s focused on this subject.

How to overcome fear?
So you understand what fear is, but how do you overcome it?

1.) Acknowledge that there is a part of you, the Source part of you, that is not afraid of the thing in question, and sees all the positive aspects of the thing.

2.) Acknowledge that the positive end of the stick exists

3.) Focus on the positive things on the subject and allow some momentum to gather about these.

“Find little pieces of something, that feel entirely different than fear. And we´d practice them, until they are so active in our vibration, that even “scary” things don´t scare you! “
- Chicago 6/4/11, from the clip “Abraham Hicks: desires to move through fear”

eg in terms of relationships, acknowledge that there’s a positive end of the stick – wanted things, like flow, fun, steadiness, a feeling of acceptance, love, home, safety, security, belonging, togetherness etc etc.

4.) Soothe the negative beliefs on this subject. Try to find reasons why the negative things might not happen, why they might not be true. Is it possible that they won’t happen? Katie Byron likes to ask of fears “is it *really* true?” Does it have to be true? Is there any case in which the negative thing might not happen?

5.) Practice your new positive thoughts to turn them into a more positive belief: As you catch yourself thinking a negative thought on the subject you are fearful of, pivot yourself into a more positive place; catch yourself and pivot repeatedly, you start to train yourself into a new habit of behaviour that is more in tune with your true inner guidance and feels better. Practise, practise, practise!

Note: If in your “work” to focus positively you notice discomfort, or if you find thoughts that ares “off in the bushes” steer your thoughts in an easier-feeling, more believable-feeling, better-feeling place.
Sometimes it’s a good idea to get off the topic and come back to it when you’re in a fresh, clearer mood; starting from a different vibrational set-point, so try working on feeling better on this subject when you’re in the vibrational place that’s more open to working on it.
(Until then, maybe focus on other subjects :) )

- -



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How to Raise your Vibration – Abraham Hicks

How to Raise your Vibration is a similar question to:
- How to connect to Source
- How to feel a desired feel-good feeling
- And How to get into the Receiving Mode or State of Allowing

I just listened to this great Abraham Hicks recording about how to raise your vibration and thought I’d sum up the take-home method here:

1.) Acknowledge to yourself that you have the power to change your vibration

You can do this by making affirming Statements of your power:
- My vibration is indicated to me by the emotions that I feel to help me know when it’s time to work on raising my vibration.
- The non-ideal vibration I’m on right now is not a big deal because
- I have control over my vibration; I can change this vibration any time I want.
- My vibration is controlled by the thoughts I think.
My vibration is effected by my focus.
- Yes, it’s a gradual process to change my vibration, but it’s alright, I’m on my way to raising my vibration. Seeing progress (via the things I interact with and manifest) is fun.

2.) Make the intention to put your focus on thoughts and things more deliberately.

3.) Slow down momentum on negative thoughts when they come up by:
- introducing soothing thoughts
- Don’t engage in conversations about things you want to inactivate. If you hear others talking about it, don’t join in.
- lack of attention to negative thoughts (eg stop talking about what you dont want) and pivoting to other things.
- When you catch yourself going a negative thought and catch it – appreciate the catching with thoughts like “I’m getting better at this deliberate thinking thing! I’m slowing down momentum on things I dont want better and better.”
- Be easy with yourself if you catch yourself thinking something you dont want to think. (Being mad at yourself / resisting doesnt help – it makes things worse). Be kind, understanding, soothing to yourself.

4.) Try to pay attention to feel-good moments – notice them more, then milk them
Rather than MAKING yourself feel better (which is efforting) – it may be easier to wait till a moment when you do feel better and milk it.
When you find yourself feeling good (which happens every day for at least a moment) – then be aware when you’re having one of those moments, and then milk it. Milking a positive vibration is practising that vibration. And the more you practice it , the easier it is to sustain it.
Example of a way to milk a positie moment: explain to yourself why it feels good.
eg I think I’m feeling good because my chair is so comfy, and the air is so warm and pleasant, and I’m feeling comfortable in my body; my stomach is satisfied to just the right amount, and i have pretty things around me – see how pretty object X is? and see how great object Y is? etc etc
Practice this feeling to know it thoroughly.

5.) Reach for better feeling thoughts:
- Thoughts of appreciation – milking the positive things in the world around you
- Thoughts of wanted things
- Memories of good times you’ve had in the past
- Hold focus on a positive word.
- Hold focus on a positive feeling eg Ease, Appreciation
- Thoughts of eagerness for what’s to come: eg
I’m eager to see what inspiration will come when my vibration riases; i’m eager to line up with what source thinks – curious to know what it thinks! i’m eager to see what interactions and manifestations i’ll have when my vibration raises
- Thoughts that activate new beliefs that serve you

(Related to the previous point)
6.) Use positive intentions & affirmations if you resonate with them
- eg “wouldn’t it be nice if…”
- eg Affirmations for connecting with Source and with the fullness that is you, like:
“I want to know the fullness of who I am.
So, guide me closer in any step today, to a fuller recognition
of what I´ve been asking for, and who I really am.”

7.) Put your focus on positive things by engaging in activities that feel good and automatically make it easier to make your vibration softer and better-feeling.
Spend time doing things that raise your vibration:
- pet your dog
- go for a walk in nature
- take a soothing shower or bath
- do things that soften your vibration and raise it; take you to a softer place -
All these help the feel-good vibration gather momentum.

8.) Use Meditation to gather positive momentum:
Once you’ve taken a few steps to get onto a slightly better feeling disc / vibration, use meditation to anchor that feeling for longer to help you stay on that disc for longer and to help that better-feeling-vibration gain momentum.
The more momentum the better-feeling vibration has, the more the details will fill in – the more inspiration will come. The better it gets, the better it gets.

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Doing things for External Rewards vs doing things for deeper reasons

A few thoughts on needing rewards: and whether you can feel good without them:

Rewards are always nice. It’s great to get a monetary reward in exchange for doing a job, or to experience someone rewarding you with a compliment when you do a good deed, or do something well.
It’s also fun to consume rewards that uplift and make us feel good, be it a chocolate treat, or indulging in watching your favourite tv show, movie or youtube video that feels feel-good while you’re watching it and feeds the reward centres of your brain. All of these rewards are external stimuli that feel good. Fleetingly and conditionally, but they do feel good.

But with external rewards such as these comes the other side: if you don’t get the reward, the external validation, the external appreciation, the positive vibes of the thing you’re consuming – then you don’t feel good. You miss it. It’s also quite addicting – you want MORE of that external thing that makes you feel good, because without it, you’re left with this empty feeling; a nothingness that doesn’t feel good, that you don’t know how to fill.

So external reward feels good when you get it (while you’re consuming the reward), but when it’s not there, you’re always left back in square 1. The question is, can square one feel more fulfilled and a happier place even when all the external rewards are not there to fill the void?

Could there be a way to feel good, in a deeper way than from getting rewards like a chocolate or watching a youtube video or winning a competition?
Could there be a different kind of reward that’s deeper, more sustainable and less reliant on external things.. a reward that comes more from within?

Abraham quotes on this:
“It is more rewarding in the moment to radiate the pure essence of who you are than to stand in the void of it and try to suck it from every place.”
“When you came here you intended to create a pure passageway to let that pure essence flow in.”
“You can gather stuff to try and fill that void but there is never any satisfaction from it.”

Maybe you don’t need to choose between either external or internal – mabe it’s ok to consume external rewards, as long as it’s balanced and not the only way you rech for feeling good. There has to be that internal sense of self-satisfaction there as a foundation too to keep you balanced and feeling good in a more stable, sustainable way.

How do you reach that internal sense of self-satisfaction?

  • Make friends with the “empty void”: (/ with the present moment)
    - practicing presence without judgement: allowing yourself to “just be” with that stillness; that nothingness; that void, without judgement and seeing that it’s not so bad – or in time, maybe finding somethign to like and appreciate about that quiet stillness. Find the peace and calm that is there rather than resisting it or criticizing it for being too still or boring. Find the good in it. I think that’s what Eckhart Tolle might say.
  • Make friends with yourself:
  • Be Nice to yourself: This includes getting good sleep, playing more, allowing yourself to be playful, treating yourself well, looking for positive aspects, reaching for better-feeling thoughts, soothing yourself
  • reach for better-feeling thoughts until you get into a higher vibration which is the receptive mode from where you are more in tune with Source and with Source’s knowing of all that is feel-good and self-satisfying.
  • - practice tuning into self-love, self-appreciation. You don’t need the external validation that you are of value or worthy of being loved – practice knowing that you are worthy. How do you practice this?  appreciating things in yourself often, (your talents, your good points & qualities) and reinforcing/ strengthening that – eg via list of positive aspects
  • - allowing yourself to express yourself and create stuff, and then appreciate the things you’ve made without judgement – just practice appreciating the things you make.
  • Make space to hear Source:
    - stop talking about the negative stuff so that you can listen to your source and hear the positivity it has to share – you gotta stop broadcasting so that you can receive
    - practice getting into the receptive mode (meditation etc) to help you receive inspired inspiration for things to do that come from a deeper place than “just wanting a reward”
  • - Reach for rewards that aren’t external – like the reward of enjoying to learn something new, the reward of exploring something new, the reward of understanding something in a new way, the reward of feeling like you’re adding to the expansion of the world & to source (regardless of whether results are positive or negative – it all leads to expansion)
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What makes you like vs dislike an activity? – Abraham Hicks perspective

When you love and enjoy an activity, it’s usually because you’re *not* thinking resistant thoughts when you do it. You’re usually in a state of flow, just enjoying the doing with a quiet mind, or even with an appreciating mind (eg “This is going well! This is looking great!” etc). This is why things like listening to music, reading or watching tv can feel good – because it gives you a break from resistant thoughts.

When you dislike an activity, it’s usually because you’re possibly thinking resistant thoughts when you do it. (eg “This isn’t going well, I’m rubbish at this, why can’t I do it better?” etc)

- – -

Just read this post by WellBeing on the Abe Forum and had an aha moment when I read this bit: “The action isn’t why you love it. You love it because you’re not usually thinking your resistant thoughts when you do it. That’s why it feels like love to you.

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Let Curiosity overpower Fear: Let Curiosity Drive You

Paraphased from the book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert:

“Creative living… [is] living a life that is driven more strongly by curiosity than by fear.”

For example, a 40 year old woman remembered loving figure skating as a teenager and despite enjoying it, she’d abandoned it because at the time she was told she wasn’t good enough to be truly great at it (and why bother if you can’t be the best at it?), so she focused her efforts elsewhere.

Now, as a middle aged woman, she was listless, restless and did some soul-searching for ways to reconnect with joy. She remembered that the last time she really connected with that joy was when she doing figure skating as a youth, and was curious to see if she still loved it.

Part of her had fear: she was self-conscious of being a middle aged woman on the ice again.

But a bigger part of her was curious.

She was driven more strongly by her curiosity than by her fear. And the result? She reconnected with something that gives her great joy to this day.

“She discovered that skating is still the best way for her to unfold a certain beauty and transcendence within her life that she cannot seem to access in any other manner. And she would like to spend as much time as possibl ein such a state of transcendence while she is still here on earth.
That’s all.
That’s what I call creative living.”

Colorful Abstract Art Geometric Pattern inspirational saying motivational saying let curiosity drive you forward

- – -

What are you curious about?

- Curious to see if you’ll enjoy a certain hobby you’ve always wanted to try eg learning to play the harp
- Curious to see if you’ll be a natural, naturally good at a certain skill eg dancing
- Curious to see if you can learn a certain skill to a certain level and achieve certain results eg learning to take beautiful photography
- Curious to see if you can do something you want to do, eg write that book / screenplay – climb that mountain
- Curious to really, really experience BIG LOVE
- Curious to see if you can find that feel-good, loving relationship you dream of
- Curious to see if you can find like-minded people to you in the world
- Curious to see different places, countries, famous sites & sights etc in the world
- Curious to taste different specific foods you’ve heard about or are wondering about
- Curious to experience certain experiences

Bright Colorful Abstract Watercolor Art Business Card
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What motivates you?

Examples of things that can motivate you to do anything (a job, a hobby, start a business, anything):

  • Curiosity
  • joy of learning about new things = joy of expansion & growth, and the joy & satisfcation of approaching Mastery (=intrinsic motivation?)
    - Richard Branson says: “These days, one of my goals is to keep challenging myself. I see life as one long university education, in place of the one I never had — every day I learn something new.”
    - I found this passage about Bill Gates: “Growing up Bill Gates was genuinely interested in mucking around with technology. [...] So initially, at least, the technology itself motivated him.”
  • joy of exploring new things = joy of expansion & growth (=intrinsic motivation?)
    This could be exploring physical places and having physical experiences, or exploring ideas in the mental realm.
    Examples: Richard Branson says: “I thrive on new challenges. I’m always excited about offering innovative solutions to common problems, even when it means that we’ll be breaking into new industries.”
  • joy of understanding things in a new way – aha moments = joy of expansion & growth (=intrinsic motivation?)
  • satisfaction of meeting a set goal that you believe in, and seeing positive results from your efforts.  (=extrinsic motivation?)
    Warren Buffett sums up the satisfaction you can get from goals well when he advises: “Don’t just go for safe projects, take on the really tough problems.” Because solving big problems is a lot more satisfying than solving sure-thing safe little ones!
    Wealth, success (in a chosen field or project), fame, fulfilling parental goal-oriented dreams or your own goal-oriented dreams are all such goals.
    Why is this satisfying? Because you prove to yourself you can do stuff; you prove to yourself just how amazing you are and that feels good.
    Examples of goals could be:
    - A goal to do something to a level that makes you proud: Richard Branson says the best motivator is to be building a business you’re proud of. He says. “This has always been a motivator for me, from my Student magazine days, through to our latest start-ups today.”
    - Steve Jobs said: ” the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. ”
    - Bill Gates had a goal of putting a computer in every home on every desk.
    - Goals that are inspired by seeing what other people around you have achieved.
    Richard Branson says that by meeting other successful people it helps motivate him to do more. He said: “They accomplished so much in their respective fields that spending time with them made me think about what I might do in mine. Afterward, I was more motivated than ever to do the best possible job in my own business.”
  • satisfaction in receiving praise, admiration & appreciation (=extrinsic motivation)
    Why is this satisfying? Because you it helps you connect with the truth of how great you truly are and that feels good.
  • satisfaction in feeling you have something of value to give (advice, ideas, something uniquely yours creatively, etc)
    Why is this satisfying? Because you it helps you connect with the truth of how great you truly are and that feels good.
  • satisfaction of feeling that you are doing something meaningful by taking part in Meaningful Activities.
    This often involves being part of a larger story, in the service for the greater good.
    Why is this satisfying? Because you it helps you connect with the truth of how great and powerful you truly are and that feels good.
    - Richard Branson says he is motivated by wanting to try “to take full advantage of my days and make the world a better place for our generation and generations to come, and that gives me more energy…. I’m deeply committed to initiatives that tackle global issues – from climate change, to the failed war on drugs, to abolishing the death penalty.”
    - Elon Musk also is motivated by making the world a better place. He says: “I’m just trying to think about the future, and not be sad.”
    - Mark Zuckerberg has said that for him facebook is meaningful becuase “For me and my colleagues, the most important thing is that we create an open information flow for people. ”
    - Bill Gates does a lot of philanthropy work these days because he believes this is meaningful. He says: “Our foundation is teaming up with partners around the world to take on some tough challenges: extreme poverty and poor health in developing countries, and the failures of America’s education system. We focus on only a few issues because we think that’s the best way to have great impact, and we focus on these issues in particular because we think they are the biggest barriers that prevent people from making the most of their lives.” He does his work because he believes “we can help every person get the chance to live a healthy, productive life.”
    - Many wealthy people who no longer have to be motivated by things like making money, do a lot of philanthropy work because they believe it is meaningful.



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Abraham Hicks: How to get into the Receiving Mode or a State of Allowing

1.) Quiet mind
To do this you can focus on breathing or use another method of meditation. Meditation is good for everyone – it raises vibration to a place where you can receive.
If you do this for about 15 minutes you can feel the release of tension. It’s a releasing of resistance, and this leads to an opening of the passageway tow the Receiving Mode, to enter a State of Allowing.

Just quiet your mind and do it long enough to allow your vibration to raise to the vibration of who you really are and then all the insights will flow to you.

You know you’re going in the right direction if the method you are using to quiet your mind feels good. If it doesn’t feel good, then something in your approach should probably be pivoted.

To people who say “How long are we meant to meditate for and work on getting into the receiving mode before we get our things?” Abraham say: “if you’re putting a time-limit on how long you’re gonna do this [getting into the receiving mode] before you´re getting to this [your stuff that you want], then you’re not really doing this the way we’re encouraging you to do this! ”

Care about how you feel rather than focusing on trying to make something happen.

2.) Get into a Relaxed, Chilled out state
The key to getting into the receiving mode is to Relax and Chill out.

As POE says in the Abe forums: “When you skip up and down, asking fretfully “when will it come?? WHEN WILL IT COME???” you are NOT chilled out”.

Be aware not to effort and not to let in resistance. Don’t be so overly cautious. Stop judging yourself. Don’t try so hard. Take the path of least resistance. It’s meant to be easy.

As POE says: “Be open, be relaxed, and keep yourself happy with EASY, but still interesting things.”

3.) Making peace with What Is
Tune in to a state of appreciation for the good stuff in your present moment. Appreciate the good in what has come and in What Is. Because there is nothing that slows down more things coming, than focusing on not being happy with where you are.

Don’t look at the bad stuff in your present What Is. Look at the good stuff in your present What Is.

And learn to love the “eternally incomplete”-ness of every moment on the journey. Because we are always eternally incomplete. There is always more to reach for. There is always more. Make peace with that. As Tenshi says in the Abe forums, finding the joy in being eternally incomplete is ” like reading a good book and not wanting it to finish.”

4.) Aim for pivoting yourself towards feeling better and better
The better you feel, the more in the Receiving Mode you are. So reach for a better feeling thought – and better and better to help you get into the Receiving Mode.
If you want a fast stream towards receiving, allow yourself to get into a place of appreciate and vortexy feelings.
As POE says in the Abe Forums: “Praise more, look around more (with loving, friendly eyes!), appreciate more. That´s an art to discover, and get good at!”

- http://www.abeforum.com/showthread.php?41818-The-real-way-to-the-receptive-mode
- Some Abe youtube videos

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Abraham Hicks Morning and Night Plan for daily spiritual practice: PLAN 2

I was listening to a youtube video in which Abraham Hicks suggested a possible night-and-morning routine plan, describing what they recommend we do every day to help us feel better and raise our vibration so that we change our points of attraction to a more positive position.

(Abraham have suggested other plans in the past too, such as Plan 1 which I wrote about in a previous article. You can pick whichever plan resonates most with you : ) )

Here is the Night-and-Morning-Routine-Plan the described:

1.) At night, take a moment to feel good before dropping off to sleep

When you’re about to go to bed, bask; appreciate the fabric of your bedding; notice the pleasant feeling of your body as your muscles relax and everything relaxes as you’re lying in bed.. Appreciate the softness of the pillow.. the cosy, comfortable warmth..  and drift off to sleep pleasantly

2.) Upon waking, find something positive to think about

Wake up in the morning and whilst you’re still in bed, the first thing you do is reach for pleasant thoughts; focus on something that feels good and milk it to get you tuned into pleasant vibes right away.

3.) Do a focus wheel

Get out of bed – do whatever you do first thing in the morning (breakfast / brushing teeth etc), and then when you’re feeling ready to start your day and are still feeling pretty good, do a focus wheel on anything that bothers you even in the slightest that you want to work on to get it to a beter place.  Initially thinking of “something to work on” may not feel good, but as you do the focus wheel, you get back to feeling better and simultaneously help work out the kinks of a belief you’ve been holding (=the subject of the focus wheel).

4.) Do a rampage of appreciation

In your Book of Positive Aspects, do a list of positive aspects or a rampage of appreciation about one or two things to get yourself in a good mood.

- – -

That’s it! Now go about your day as normal, reinforced with good vibes. Now this doesn’t guarantee that every day will be perfect necessarily, but it gives you your best chance to start your day on a feel-good foot.

Do this for 30 days and overall, you will help to train yourself to a better vibration, you will probably work ou some stuff on the focus wheels, training yourself to look at old issues in a more positive light, and you will help change your point of attraction so that more and more good things come to you.


- – -


Abraham talk from this youtube video (described the last minute or so of the talk) : Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ul7QRIuVP9Y

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Going from Optimistic Hope to Certain Belief – Abraham Hicks

Here are a few tips on how to go from Hope (“I’m hopeful this can happen.. I feel hopeful I can feel like this.. I feel hopeful that I can be like this.. I feel hopeful that I can do this..”) to certainty (“I’m sure this is coming to me.. I believe I can feel like this.. I’m certain I can be like this.. I just know that I can do this.”)

Step 1: Make Sure you REALLY are in “Optimistic Hope”
If you want to go from Optimistic Hope to Certain Belief, it helps if you’re accurately gauging your place on the Emotional Guidance Scale, because if you’re at Doubt or at Worry and want to go to Certain Belief, it may take a few more helpful steps you can take to help you get there; steps that will cater exactly to where you are so that you can move up the scale in a real, genuine way..

- – -

Step 2: FEEL yourself Making Peace with Where you Are
No matter where you are on the Emotional Guidance Scale, to move up the scale it’s always a helpful to make peace with where you are.
Instead of saying “Help! Where’s My Stuff??” soften it and relax into where you are right now, even if this moment doesn’t have your “stuff” in it just yet.
Rather than resisting this moment (with lack of acceptance of where you are and determination and impatience to be somewhere better), soften resisting thoughts and relax into being where you are (it’s ok to be here.. here is alright.. here has plenty of nice things in it too…I’m ok with where I am whilst also being eager for more). Without resistance in the way, you’re free to go with the flow towards well-being, and moving up the scale should be easier to happen naturally.
This is the concept of “allowing” yourself to feel good rather than “making” yourself feel good. It’s about not having to have the “outcome” of it to feel good in your now.

- – -

Step 3: Set up positive momentum and let the momentum carry you upwards:
Try to maintain a stable positive vibration and get positive momentum going so that momentum will take you upwards.
Ramp up the positive emotions to help you “align”
In the traditional “3 step process” of ask and it is given you have: Step 1 = Asking (Asking for going from Hope to Certainty); Step 2 = Source Answering; Step 3 = Allowing by aligning with that request.
How do you know you are aligning? When you are feeling good. THAT”S how you know you are aligning. When you are not feeling good it is a sign that you are not keeping up with the expanded version of YOU where all your good stuff is.
Tools that can be used to help align and ramp up your vibration in general to help to push you upwards from Hope. Tools you can use to ramp up your positive emotions include:
- Rampages of appreciation
- Imagining what Belief and Certainty will feel like (“What does that feel like? What do I think it feels like to live that feeling… I can live the feeling now just for the pleasure of envisioning it… I like the feeling of that! I like the feeling of that! I love the feeling of that!” Another tool is saying: “I want to get to Belief & Certainty BECAUSE…. it will feel so good knowing.. having that strong, secure, stable, delicious feeling of certainty..” – and that will help line you up with it…)
- Focus wheel
- Remember times when you’ve felet certainty before. some memory about somethings that have gone well and just emphasising it–you can take the wobble right out of that pretty easily.

- – -

(Optional Step 4) : Possibly – if appropriate for you – Figure out your wobbles that are keeping you from belief / certainty and work on softening and pivoting the wobbles:
There can be several onion-layers behind a strong, certain belief – if a couple of the layers have wobbles in them, then it can keep you from certainty. If you can, try to work on soothing and pivoting those onion-layer beliefs that are anchoring you wheree you are and are resisting your motion forward. This may involve accessing details from our past that are active as “proof for disbelief” and pivot these experiences to “see them in a new light.”
work on your wobble because of the improvement in the way you feel, not because of the ulterior motive you have in getting something that you want, that’ll take the majority of the wobble away right away.
But sometimes hitting the issue-at-hand head-on causes the wobble. So, if you step back into other things that you absolutely know about or–even better–something that you didn’t know for sure about, and then came to be more certain about.
When it starts to wobble, get out! Get out. Don’t introduce any more attention to a wobbling situation. Soothe your wobble away. Even if it requires changing the subject altogether.

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Making Peace with What Is

(NB I’ve written an in-use-example and snappier discussion on my understanding of this process here in this article: How to make peace with “What Is”

- – -

Why should we make peace with what is?

Making peace with where you are releases resistance and then the vortex can start pulling you in with its magnetic-like force. But you have to let go of the oars – let go of the resistance.

It’s also about being happy exactly where you are (regardless of whether you’re at your dream desitination yet or not), because when you can find the happiness in this moment – whatever this moment is – , you’re closer to attracting more and more happy things to you; including all your dreams and desires.

- – -

How to make peace with what is:

  • Appreciate the clarity this adversity brings, of knowing you have something to work out; and that you’re getting clearer about what you want:
    Chill and say thank you for the indicator that you have something going on in your vibration that you want to work out. Thank you to myself to being sensitive to the way i feel, so that now i have awareness of the indicator – and now i can do things differently.
    Make peace with the “negative” and stop defining it as something negative. Instead call it a “clarifying process”.  When your gas gauge says “empty”, you don’t get mad at it and say that the gas gauge is being “negative” – you say, “Thank you gauge for this indication of what’s going on inside my car, for this clarity, for letting me know that I need to change the conditions and fill you up with gas so that my car will feel better and I can get to where I need to get to.”
    Acknowledge any discomfort as a helpful indicator that something needs an energetic tweak within you. So say thank you to the discomfort as an indicator for where you vibration is, because once you know where your vibration is, you can try to change it. And when you start to change it, then you move towards a better place where discomfort is no longer there. There will be a time when in the future you’ll look back and be appreciative of that indicator, because being aware of it helped you smooth out the vibrational kinks and helped you get to the better feeling place that you’ll be in, in the future.
  • Introduce hope in a believable way – use words you believe:
    - I think it can be better…
    - It doesn’t have to stay like this forever
  • Introduce optimism in a believable way – use words you believe:
    - It’s just temporary
    - I know things can change. It’s ok if I’m not where I want to be right now, because I know things evolve and things ebb and flow with time.
    - I know things evolve all the time
    - I know it will be better in time
    - I believe that what I want is possible and it can be
    - I am a powerful creator and I have the ability to change any circumstance to be more pleasing.
    - I’m looking forward to it being better
  • Introduce soothing, comforting, soft thoughts of letting go: when you let go and chill, you let go of negative momentum. Stop the struggle. Let go of concern, let go of worry, let go of desperate need, let go of strong-willed determination which is hard-feeling, let go of the need to push, let go of feelings of wrongness, let go of thoughts like “I dont want this”, let go of judgement, let go of resistance within you, let go of all these things that resist “what is right now”. Once you let go of resistance to “what is”, you’ll flow more towards well-being, and more towards what you want more of.
    Be soft, be kind, be soothing, be comforting to yourself. Try to find more relaxing thoughts.
    Examples of thoughts that help us let go of resistance:
    - it’s alright that what I don’t want is reflected back at me because it makes me aware of what I DO want and what i want to be
    - The contrast is alright – it’s just the step 1 part of the process, that leads to things getting better.
    - it’s alright if my point of attraction isn’t where I want it to be because I know things can change, and now that I have awareness, I can help it change by looking at things a little differently.
    - Its okay to be standing where I am right now, because i know that I can change this situation to something that is more pleasing
    - I can relax and let go of resistance so that the unwanted is let go of.. and if I don’t manage it, it’s alright because i can try again another time and maybe I’ll manage it then
    - where I am right now isn’t such a big deal, it’s all ok. It’s not where I have to always be. Things can change, so where I am right now is fine because it’s just temporary and I’m looking forward to things getting better and better!
    - I’m getting better at becoming more aware of my thoughts every day
    - Where I am is ok, because it’s evolving and changing all the time
    - I can let this go
    - I don’t need to manifest it right this red hot minute
    - It’s alright
    - Everything is alright
    - I’m doing ok. I’m doing alright.
    - Everything is always working out for me.

- – -

What after you make peace with the moment?

Make peace with your present, and then:

  • Find things to appreciate in your present moment: No matter what your situation, there can always be something good where you stand; some source of satisfaction; something going your way.
    Try to see the situation from the perspective of all-loving Source. Sources sees everything as “alright” and “ok” – never judging, never condemning where you are. It sees the good.
    Look for things that you want to see in your “what is”
    Find vibrational alignment in the positive things around you from where you are. By finding things to appreciate around you, you find the best in what there is around you.
    Appreciate everything as best you can
    Through appreciation, an through seeing the best in where you are, you make your focus better.
    Why make where you are ok? because where you are is where your focus is, and what your focus on becomes more. So it’s vital that you start seeing where you are as better and nicer; and see the best of it, because the more you can pivot your opinion of “where you are” into something positive, the more your current moment will be better, and the better you can move towards more and more positivity.
    Find something in your “what is” moment that you want to perpetuate and grow, and focus on it. Focus on the “alrightness” of this moment.
    Examples of things to appreciate:
    - There are things in this moment that I feel competent at
    - There are things in this moment that I think are beautiful
    - There are things in this moment that feel comfortable
    - There are things in this moment that feel nice.
    - There are people in my life right now that I like.
    - There are certain things in my life that give me a sense of accomplishment
    - There are certain things in my life that give m a sense that I’m of value
    - There are helpful tools in my everyday life that I appreciate
    - I appreciate my moments of inspiration, of ideas flowing to me..
    - I appreciate the moments of laughter and smiles
    - I appreciate the moments where I’m feeling good.
    When you accept that “what is is alright”, and allow yourself “to be just as you are, and be ok with that” then you tune into well-being, and more well-being can flow to you. When you tune into “everything is alright” than you attract more of the feeling that “everything is alright” – which is closer to what you are truly wanting. Trust that once you tune in to well-being in your now, then more well-being is yours.
  • Focus on any positive changes:
    Pay attention to when the condition softens: notice the situation when it’s at its softest and feeling a little better; with a little more hope for improvement; with a little more optimism about it. This will help the situation get better and better.
  • Realise that you don’t have to take any hard-work action in order for things to get better
    If you accept that “what is” is alright, it means no action is required of you. When you let go of the resistance, you will be pulled towards the vortex version of what you want. You’ve already defined what you want. Trust that the Universe got your “Asking” and once you let go, flow downstream, and allow yourself to flow towards it, it’s just a matter of time before it will flow into your experience; you will be drawn to it like a magnet.
    So you’re not meant to do anything, you’re not supposed to fix things.. or change things. You don’t need to try so hard to do these things: it’ll just happen once you let go of resistance, and allow yourself to go downstream to where all the stuff in your vortex is. All you need to do is stop resisting; stop doing that stuff that prevents all you want from flowing to you.
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